iPhone 5 and iPad Mini will be announced September 12, go on sale September 21 according to a new rumor

A previous rumor claimed the iPhone 5 will be released on September 21, 2012. A new rumor now backs up that speculation.

According to “sources who have proven accurate in the past”, iMore is reporting the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini plus a redesigned iPod Nano and iPod Touch will be announced at an Apple event on September 12. The iPhone 5 will then go on sale September 21; the release date for iPad Mini, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch isn’t known but might also be September 21.

The September 21 date is the same day a French blog reported earlier this month courtesy a leak from a major Chinese manufacturer, and the September 12 announcement goes hand in hand with Apple’s habit to announce products ten days before their release (technically September 11 is ten days before September 21 but Apple is avoiding that date for obvious reasons).

Check out leaked iPhone 5 photos if you haven’t already and get your camping gear ready for a September camp out.

[via LA Times | Image credit: Martin Hajek]

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  1. Peter

    Dear Ashraf, I really do not want to offend you. But “Wowweeee! A meta anouncement!!”. Who cares? Appe has been founded by two visionary men in times as the earth has been a green planet and dinosaurs went grazing/hunting. This mega-hype around new devices seems to be misunderstood. Nobody says: “Look, folks! We sold you some assembled dirt(tm), but with the next version of dirt(tm) we can afford golden faucets. For our bath tubs it is unavoidable to let you buy our overprized accessories for dirt(tm) again.”