Android owns 68% of global smartphone market, iOS is second with 17%

As smartphone wars continue, on the field and in the courtroom, the contest worldwide seems to have already been won by Android. The International Data Corporation, aka IDC, has released a Q2 2012 study on smartphone global marketshare and has found Android and iOS consist of 85% of all smartphones shipped worldwide in Q2 2012. When broken down to the OS level, Android has 68.1% while iOS comes in second with 16.9% and BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone, and Bada OS (Linux) left to fight over the breadcrumbs. In total, 154 million smartphones were shipped worldwide with 104.8 million being Android and 26 million being iPhones. The chart below shows the stats in more detail.

As mentioned previously, in terms of manufacturer, the lion’s share of smartphone shipments goes to Samsung who owns 44% of Android shipments and an overall global smartphone marketshare of 32.6% with Apple coming in second with 16.9%.

[via IDC]

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