See Mars in high-definition courtesy Curiosity

Earlier this month all the hoopla was about Curiosity, a rover NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory sent to Mars. Although it boggles my mind how it did it, the Mars Descent Imager camera (known as MARDI) on Curiosity was able to shoot photos of Mars as Curiosity landed. As is typical with the Internet, videos were created using the photos and uploaded onto Youtube. Early on the videos were of low-quality, blurry images. Now you can view them in high-definition.

The following video, which is a time lapse video of 1600×1200 photos snapped by MARDI as Curiosity landed, shows Mars in high-definition. Check it out yourself:

Call me a space geek but that is just amazing. Not ISS amazing but still amazing. Oh please tell me you a agree.

[via Discover Magazine]

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  1. sragan5

    It is So amazing. Goosebump amazing. Every day I go to the NASA Curiosity site to look at the new images and and all the new info. Hopefully Mars One will get off the ground and human beings will be colonizing Mars within 50 years. Wish I could be there.