Apple sends official invites for Sept 12 press event, probably for iPhone 5

Until now we were 99% certain Apple would be unveiling the iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012. Now we are 100% sure — Apple has just sent out official invites to a press event on September 12, 2012 in San Francisco, California. Of course Apple hasn’t provided details as to why they are holding this event but, seeing as rumor after rumor has indicated a Sept 12 unveiling of the iPhone 5, the event is very likely going to be for the iPhone 5.

If you believe in omens, take a look at the image Apple included in their invites (shown above). Do you see how the shadow of “12” makes a “5”? Yeah… way to be subtle there, Apple. And kudos to your graphic designers — nice Easter egg.

Sadly enough dotTech was not invited to the Apple event. (Tim Cook probably didn’t want me showing up with my Samsung laptop and Samsung smartphone.) Still, we will be covering the major developments of what Apple reveals, so stay tuned! Oh and feel free to send letters of complaint to Apple’s PR department for not inviting us.

[via Engadget]

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  • Ashraf

    @Mike: I suppose I can see your point of view. However, at the same time, the popularity of Apple products make them good stories. :-) Plus sometimes it is a slow day and other news stories are worse.

    I appreciate your feedback, thank you.

  • Mike

    @Ashraf: It’s the frequency of the so-called news, and the miniscule value of it: Apple is going to have an event–Apple leak of a possible new earphone–Apple leak of the back of the iPhone 5–etc. etc. I’m not sure that this is news of developments, meriting minute-by-minute reports–that’s what’s making it Apple-mania, it seems to me. And you’re right–it’s magnified when you consider all the sites that one goes to–even Engadget recognizes it’s own fault in this, by having (at least in the past) an Apple-free option.

    Sorry for being grouchy about it, but it’s as tiring as seeing the Khardashians at every turn . . . . Why don’t we all wait to see what Apple actually introduces at its event next week (and yes, that is news). And in the meanwhile, I know: just click over the so-called reports. ;^)

  • Ashraf

    @Mike: Hmm? How is there Apple-mania at all on dotTech? Posting about Apple = Apple-mania? I don’t think so. We are covering developments in the tech world, Apple is part of that world.
    If you want Apple-mania you really should hit up other websites, such as BGR or Engadget. Then you will know what Apple-mania really is.

  • Mike

    With all due respect, can the vast amount of recent Apple-mania here be dialed down? It’s at the level of the Khardashians (and no, that’s not meant as a compliment) and, by the looks of the (lack of) comments, people really don’t much care; I can’t imagine what things will be like if this continues at this level through the end of the year. The only value I can see is if the numerous articles catch eyes and, thereby, revenue.

    Not meant as an indictment, but just a thought.