If you don’t like our e-mails, please do NOT mark them as spam — just unsubscribe

Hello dotTechies,

This is just a friendly reminder that you if you are subscribed to our e-mail notifications, whether that be one-email-per-article list or one-email-per-day list, please do *not* mark our e-mails as spam just because you don’t like them. If you don’t like our e-mails, unsubscribe. Marking our e-mails as spam tells my web host that we are sending out spam e-mails and that causes a great amount of trouble for me. Like the following.

One jerk, who shall not be named, seems hell-bent on screwing me for some reason. He or she was subscribed to dotTech’s one-email-per-article list and seems to have marked almost every e-mail, if not every e-mail, we sent him/her in the recent past as spam. As a response, my web host has now disabled dotTech’s ability to send e-mails until this matter is resolved. I have, of course, e-mailed them back about it explaining the situation but I have no ETA on when our e-mailing capabilities will be restored. Everyone on our one-email-per-article list will miss out on all e-mails until this is solved, and I apologize for that. (Everyone on our one-email-per-day list will continue to receive e-mails because those e-mails are sent from Feedburner for dotTech.)

I don’t know if the above-mentioned jerk was doing it on purpose or if they just got fed up with dotTech e-mails. Whatever the case may be, I’ve now unsubscribed them. Thanks for causing me a whole lot of tension for nothing.

Does it sound like I’m pissed? Yes, I’m pissed. dotTech does not spam. All our e-mails are strictly opt-in and give you the option to unsub.

Thanks all.

-Mr. Boss

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