If you don’t like our e-mails, please do NOT mark them as spam — just unsubscribe

Hello dotTechies,

This is just a friendly reminder that you if you are subscribed to our e-mail notifications, whether that be one-email-per-article list or one-email-per-day list, please do *not* mark our e-mails as spam just because you don’t like them. If you don’t like our e-mails, unsubscribe. Marking our e-mails as spam tells my web host that we are sending out spam e-mails and that causes a great amount of trouble for me. Like the following.

One jerk, who shall not be named, seems hell-bent on screwing me for some reason. He or she was subscribed to dotTech’s one-email-per-article list and seems to have marked almost every e-mail, if not every e-mail, we sent him/her in the recent past as spam. As a response, my web host has now disabled dotTech’s ability to send e-mails until this matter is resolved. I have, of course, e-mailed them back about it explaining the situation but I have no ETA on when our e-mailing capabilities will be restored. Everyone on our one-email-per-article list will miss out on all e-mails until this is solved, and I apologize for that. (Everyone on our one-email-per-day list will continue to receive e-mails because those e-mails are sent from Feedburner for dotTech.)

I don’t know if the above-mentioned jerk was doing it on purpose or if they just got fed up with dotTech e-mails. Whatever the case may be, I’ve now unsubscribed them. Thanks for causing me a whole lot of tension for nothing.

Does it sound like I’m pissed? Yes, I’m pissed. dotTech does not spam. All our e-mails are strictly opt-in and give you the option to unsub.

Thanks all.

-Mr. Boss

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  • haakon


    Thanks for the offer!! I am happy with the “one mail a day” :-)
    I believed I had to unsubscribe some or all of the “one per article” and was too dumb to understand how :-(
    Its all ok!!! Thanks again for all your work!!
    (do you and the others have time to “live”??? :-))

  • Zapped Sparky

    @Ashraf: No worries, I’ll stick to the “all in one daily” :)

  • Ashraf

    @chump2010: You actually aren’t the first one to request that. The reason we do it that way is for SEO purposes. I cannot promise you that it will change in the future but I will surely look into alternative solutions. Thank you for the feedback.
    @etim: You can’t edit one e-mail a day. That e-mail sends you an e-mails of *all* articles posted on dotTech. I have no control over it. Sorry. :-(
    @Zapped Sparky: Erm, crap. You might not be getting one email per article because I removed your e-mail.
    See what happened is many people were getting confused that they need to manually unsub themselves from one-email-per-article after subbing to one-email-per-day. So I went in and manually unsubed all the people on one-email-per-day from one-email-per-article. I didn’t think some people would want to be on both lists! Tell me what you want to sub on one-email-per-article and I’ll put you back on there. Or you can do it yourself: http://dottech.org/e-mail-reminders-one-email-per-new-article/.
    @Leslie: I would have loved to do that. However the problem is Feedburner does not allow me to mass subscribe people, so I cannot just move thousands of people to the new one-email-per-day list.
    @Gonzo: You have always been on one-email-per-article. What is different is before we only used to post one or two articles a day, so you only got one or two e-mails. Now we are posting roughly 20 articles a day.
    Do you want to switch to one-email-per-day?

  • Gonzo

    I don’t remember an option to choose daily email or 1-per-article when I originally subscribed.
    However I’m pretty sure I used to receive just one email, maybe 2 per day, and recently started receiving the 1-per-article (with no action from my end), and I don’t know how it happened, but I don’t like that kind of changes.

    That said, I didn’t mark these as spam, and will now unsubscribe from the 1 email per article.
    I just wanted to point out that maybe I’m not the only one who used to receive 1 or 2 dottech emails a day and suddenly started receiving at least 5 (most of the times more).

  • Leslie

    Recently I also feel that I am getting too many emails a day for Dottech. I have not done anything about this as yet and I will probably opt to go with a single email per day.

    My comment to Ashraf is that you are opening yourself up to people considering valid articles as SPAM just because there are too many.

    So what you should have done is moved everyone over to the single email per day as the default and then given people the option to receive individual emails – this is what just about every other site I am subscribed to does.

  • Zapped Sparky

    I was wondering what happened to the “windows software of the day” e-mails I’m subscribed to. Thankfully I’m subscribed to the “everything in one daily e-mail” list also, don’t want to miss something I may like :)

    I would’ve missed this article for instance, thanks for info Ashraf, I hope things get resolved quickly.

  • etim

    I recently went over to your 1 email a day but can’t figure out how to edit what I get each day.
    How do I trim it to eliminate the posts I have no interest in?

  • chump2010

    On a semi related note, in so far as it is about subscribing to things that you don’t really want but seem to get, I want to talk about RSS feeds.

    Is there any way to split out your RSS feeds a little. I don’t read the Android and IOS articles generally speaking, and in Internet Explorer (which to me has the best RSS reader in it), its difficult to see which ones are which.

    It used to be called Android Apps of the day, IOS apps of the day etc so it was easy to avoid.

    Now however, its just one big mismatch with the type of article at the end

    eg. Try to keep up with the other cars in Lunar Racer, a free racing game [Android]

    In my RSS feed from the favourites bar, I don’t usually get to see the Android part of it, if the title is too long.

    So I have to go through all of them which is painful.

    So I guess what I am suggesting is putting the type of article at the beginning of the article or split them into separate feeds.

    i.e. phone stuff together and a separate feed for everything else lol.

  • Ashraf

    @Bull: Thank you.
    @Hamza: +2
    @Fish: Thanks!
    @haakon: You are welcome! I’ve been manually unsubing everyone on the one-email-per-day list from the one-email-per-article list because many people are being confused; they feel that subing to the new list automatically unsubs them from the only list. You seem to be the exception.
    You are telling me you want to be on both lists but want to control which categories you are subbed to on one-email-per article, right? Tell me which categories you want to sub to and I’ll take care of it for you.

  • haakon

    FIRST: Thanks a lot for all your excelent work here!!
    I need some help- sorry to even ask :-(
    I subscribed to “one mail a day” and now I can not find the way to unsubscribe SOME of all my “one mail per article”?
    (I want to keep some and unsubscribe from a few)
    Thanks, and very sorry to bother you with a simple thing like this.

  • dotTech, Ghacks and Raymond have only one thing in common. I’ve known them (been learning from them) over the years: they never spam!

  • Hamza

    @Bull: +1

  • Bull

    **BEGIN SARCASM** Lies you so do spam! I have recieved a total of 1 email from you in the past 5+ years of visiting your site. Even though I was the one who initiated the email to you about an article article suggestion ( think it was about you doing an article on which is the best free anti virus out there ) and that i expected some sort of reply that is common courtesy of sorts, I still consider it as spam! **END SARCASM*

    Yes, I was being sarcastic. I very much appreciate that you, Ashraf /dottech do not spam people. If the jerk who caused you headaches didnt want to receive anything from you then all they needed to do, is nothing.

    What do i mean? Well for starters if you post a comment you give the basic Name, Email address and a website if you want. Then just below the comment button in small writing, there is a small box with the fallowing written next to it ( also in small lettering) ” Check this box to be notified of follow-up comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe to comments via e-mail without commenting.” You dont want emails sent to you then do nothing/dont check the box!

    Then there are the forums. I have a forum login and have posted once or twice (been a long time so i dont know exactly) and i never recieved any spam at all. I did nothing checked nothing when i crated my login.

    Last that i can only think of is to not email anyone at or affiliated with dottech.org. Then you wont get/receive any email form them. Again do nothing!

    Next if you do receive any email from dottech, its probably becuase you checked someting without reading or you are expecting an email/alert from them. Either way just unsubscribe to it as Ashraf says, if its not somethign you want. Its a no brainer. Hell there are services out there that do this for you. I dont recall which they are (HINT: could be a good article there Ashraf!) but i heard they are out there.

    In the tidal waves of spamm people constantly get, I want to say thank you again for NOT being a spammer, Ashraf/Dottech.org.