These are official, high-quality images of the iPhone 5

With all the iPhone 5 leaks over the past years, including 3D mockups, it may be hard to wrap your head around what the real iPhone 5 looks like. Indeed when I first saw photos of the real iPhone 5, I immediately thought to myself “are you sure that isn’t a fake mockup because they look so damn similar”. To clear the air, I’ve decided to post the official iPhone 5 images Apple has released through its PR department.

The following are images of the real iPhone 5. They are not images of fakes, leaks, or mockups. Enjoy.

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  • madin

    Qu’est-ce qu’il a, le design, pour être si particulier ? Une reprise (et une copie !) du nombre d’or, (le rapport entre la longueur et la largeur), connu depuis des millénaires par les hommes. Et depuis toujours, par la nature. Il est, tout simplement, simple !
    Et alors !
    The king is naked!

  • Ashraf

    @Mike: Sad isn’t it? The company that literally changed the world is resorting to recycling its designs.

  • Mike

    MMm, OK. I’m sure it’s a fine device. Looks pretty much like the last. And that’s fine, it was/is a fine device. Yawn. ;)