If you received an e-mail containing nude photos of your favorite celebrity, would you open it?

The scenario I present to you is simple. You are sitting at home or work and you receive an e-mail in your inbox claiming to contain nude videos or pictures of your favorite celebrity. Would you open it? Apparently 996 Taiwanese government workers would.

The government of New Taipei, Taiwan wanted to see how their workers would react to spam or malicious e-mails. So the government sent an e-mail to 6,179 of its workers with the subject of “Justin Lee’s sex videos, download it, quick”. (Justin Lee is a popular, erm, sex symbol in Taiwan.) The e-mail itself was not malicious or spam; it was a legitimate e-mail from the government disguised as spam for the purposes of teaching its workers to not open such e-mails. However, the workers did not know this prior to opening the e-mail and, as it turns out, almost 1 out of 6 of them couldn’t resist the urge. Oops.

Those that ended up opening the e-mail were told they must report to their supervisor and attend a two hour long data security course. Imagine having to explain to your supervisor why you are there to see him or her. Or telling your husband or wife what you just did at work today.

Moral of the story? Keep the porn at home. Don’t open e-mails that sound too good to be true, because they likely are.

[via Times, Sophos | Image via notoriousxl]

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  1. Eric

    I don’t think a single comment on this page hasn’t triggered moderation. I thought I was the first post and then Pranav appeared ahead of me. Ashraf might be thinking “Note to self. Do not publish articles like this unless I want to spend all day moderating comments.” It is hard not to trigger moderation because of the subject matter. I wonder if Ashraf has to moderate his own comments?
    I would guess you triggered it because of a certain word on lines 4 and 5 that starts with k. I have my fingers crossed that I won’t trigger but who knows.
    Also, I take it then that you don’t have Bieber Fever. I guess they have that in Australia too. If they do, then I am very sorry. I can’t think of too many Australian celebrities, just a couple of sports stars like Mark Webber and Casey Stoner. Too bad Casey is retiring so young but at least he can go home to his wife who is apparently married to Ashraf as well, as he claims to be married to the most beautiful woman ever.
    In your first comment, do you mean it takes two to tango?
    PS This triggered moderation as well. It is like it is automatic on this page.

  2. RobCr

    If a link was for Selena Gomez
    I would not be able to prevent my hand from clicking.

    I have a scale to determine how desirable a female is –
    – Would I kill a distant relative to get her ?
    – Would I kill a close relative to get her ?
    If ever Selena Gomez was going to be made available to me (EG Marry), ALL my relatives should immigrate immediately.

    PS My comment is awaiting moderation
    Can I ask what triggered that ?

  3. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Eric: LMAO! The reason you triggered moderation is because you hit a few keywords I have set to automatically trigger moderation (to prevent spam).
    And, yeah, I get your point now. Thanks for explaining it so well… haha…

  4. Eric

    If I word anything funny it is because I don’t want to trigger moderation again.{Edit} triggered moderation anyway. Seriously?
    I was just saying that most straight guys would read that as “crappy video of Justin Lee with some random girl,” which doesn’t sound too enticing. However, “Keira Knightley explicit acts in bedroom” might draw more attention from them. For example, would you be more tempted to click on “Prince Harry hot vid” or “Princess Kate hot vid?” Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie? Justin Beiber or Selena Gomez? Daniel Craig or Queen Elizabeth.LOL But seriously, was it called Paris Hilton tape or “guy no one remembers” tape.
    Point is that most males would be less likely to click on famous male with random girl than famous female with random guy.

  5. Eric

    That’s true, but then it turns into more of a random thing. An email titled “Random sex video with poor lighting and sound, and no production value, that involves someone you probably don’t like and really, really don’t want to see naked.” probably shouldn’t be that appealing.

  6. Eric

    One out of six, and he(?) was probably the wrong gender for many. Even if he was the right gender, not everybody would be attracted to him. What I am saying is that there was a very high percentage of attracted people that clicked. And that would be so embarrassing.

  7. Pranav

    Hey! About a week back I also got this kind of mail, it was delivered straight to my inbox and contained an attached JPG file. I opened the pic, it was a nude one :P So I guess Taiwan is behind this all :X