Sad but true: iOS Maps redirects to Google Maps for desktop and non-iOS 6 users

The past few days has seen a lot of ridicule of Apple’s new iOS Maps, ridicule that dotTech has not shied away from taking part of. As if all that isn’t enough, here is another reason to make fun of Apple. When an iOS 6 user shares their location, or any other location, via iOS Maps, a URL is generated which can be passed onto others. Anyone that clicks the link on a non-iOS 6 device — such as PC, Mac, or Android — is redirected to Google Maps to find the location. Irony, karma, or just plain simple poor execution on the part of Apple? My guess is the latter.

The reason why iOS Maps location links are being redirected to Google Maps is obvious. iOS Maps does not exist outside of iOS 6 — there is no website or anything else that users can visit to view a location if they aren’t on iOS 6 — so non-iOS 6 devices are being redirected to a product that does work for them. However, you would think after all that brouhaha of kicking Google Maps off iOS in v6 Apple wouldn’t be directing people to the service.

While the redirection to Google Maps on non-iOS 6 devices may be intentional, there are still some bugs. TechCrunch is reporting that clicking on an iOS Maps link on Facebook with an iOS 6 device redirects to Google Maps (as opposed to opening the location in iOS Maps) while clicking on an iOS Maps link on Twitter with an iOS 6 device properly sends users to iOS Maps. Clearly it just works.

Click on the link below to see for yourself how Apple is redirecting people to Google Maps.

One iOS Maps location share link

[via TechCrunch]

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