Firefox 16.0.1 is out, it is safe to upgrade now

Remember that Firefox 16 vulnerability I posted about yesterday? Yeah, well, it has been fixed with the release of Firefox 16.0.1 — it is safe to upgrade now.

If you are curious as to what changes Firefox 16 brings over Firefox 15, there isn’t much for the end user; most of the changes are backend and aimed at developers. Hence I won’t go into the details but rather let you read the official changelog if you are interested.

Firefox 16.0.1 should automatically be pushed to users who have automatic updates enabled in Firefox. If you are impatient, you can force Firefox to update by going to Firefox -> Help -> About or simply manually download and install Firefox 16.0.1 from the official website.

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  • Paul

    Looks like Mozila may have gotten it right this time: At least so far. Lots faster and the video looks clearer. I’ve had issues with Fire Fox locking up, in the past, so I’ll have to see if the same issue exists with this version.