Grab 30GB of free cloud storage from Glide!

Still haven’t decided upon a cloud storage service provider? Maybe Glide is more up your ally.

Glide OS is a web-based, HTML5 operating system developed by TransMedia. Essentially it is a web app that runs in all major browsers on any operating system, but TransMedia like to refer to it as an operating system. As part of this “operating system” TransMedia gives you 30GB of cloud storage space for free. According to the developer, this free storage comes with:

  • Uncompromised secure online file storage
    • Store thousands of files and access them securely from anywhere in the world
  • Cross-platform file compatibility
    • Automatic file and application compatibility across devices and operating systems
  • Productivity & Collaboration Apps
    • Intuitive and easy to use applications that help you to get the job done
  • Glide Sync App
    • Automatically synchronize your home and work files with ease
  • Mobile File Access
    • Access your files on virtually any mobile phone with a browser

On top of that, there doesn’t appear to be a file size limit — so you should be able to store as large files as you want on Glide.

Before you piss your pants in excitement of this free cloud storage, let me remind you that you shouldn’t simply jump on any and all cloud storage options available. Remember the 512GB of free storage from BeeCloud, the company that went out of business a few months after starting up? Yeah… you want to make sure you pick a cloud storage service that is reliable and won’t simply vaporize at any moment, otherwise you risk losing your data. How reliable is TransMedia? Well, I don’t know — I haven’t had any experience with them and this actually is the first time I’ve heard of them. However, I quickly did some googling and it appears that TransMedia has been around since 2001 and Glide has been around sicne 2005. So the company appears to be stable.

That being said…

If you visit the registration page of Glide to sign-up for this free cloud storage, you will notice that the page is loading extremely slowly. This is because the page is being bombarded with traffic right now. Going slow because of high traffic is fine for a blog or regular website, but it says quite a bit about the quality of a cloud storage provider — if they can’t handle high traffic then they probably aren’t a very high quality cloud storage service to begin with. Food for thought.

If you want to take advantage of this free 30GB offered by Glide, hit up the link below and follow on-screen instructions.

Glide cloud storage registration page

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