Gmail is finally the most popular e-mail service in the world, only just recently passed Hotmail

Back in July Google reported Gmail has 425 million monthly active Gmail accounts. If true, that would have finally made Gmail the most popular web mail service in the world, surpassing Hotmail and Yahoo. However, at the time, Google’s numbers were not in-line with third party companies that track such statistics. Now, however, ComScore — one such third-party company — has come out with numbers showing that Gmail is indeed the most popular web e-mail service in the world.

According to ComScore, which tracks e-mail usage from home and work but does not count smartphone and tablets, globally Gmail has 287,913,000 users while Hotmail has 286,238,000 and Yahoo has 281,722,000. In the US, however, Yahoo is still king with 76,751,000 users with Gmail in second (69,124,000) and Hotmail in third (35,516,000).

It is really surprising to me that Gmail took eight years (it was originally released in 2004) to become top dog. Between e-mails from developers, dotTechies, and potential hires, I send and receive a lot of e-mails. And, if I were to roughly estimate, I would say 90% or more people I have been in contact with use Gmail. I mean, yeah, I’m sure people have multiple e-mail accounts (I have a Hotmail account, too) but who really uses anything besides Gmail? Apparently a lot of people. Go figure.

[via GigaOm]

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  • chump2010

    I had a gmail account for quite a while, but hardly ever used it. Yahoo is still my preference with its brilliant spam filter, although to be fair Hotmail has a nice spam filter too.

    I did not like the conversation view in Gmail. Still don’t, which is one of the main reasons I never really used it much.

    I started with Yahoo and Hotmail and still use both loads. I guess it is partly what your used to…

  • desperado808

    I too have had Y-mail and G-mail for about a year now and have used G-mail as my primary and have been extremely pleased with it!

  • Grantwhy


    yes, they did get rid of the “beta” label, but I’m pretty sure that for people that miss it there is an option to put the “beta” label back :-)

    @Ashraf, I’m one of those who still use Hotmail. I do have a Gmail account and ‘use’ that as well but the account i ‘use’ most is the same Hotmail account I opened back in the late 1990’s :-o

    although in my case ‘use’ means log in once a fortnight (and sometimes a month) or so and then not read any emails anyway :-p

  • Having Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts I know why it took so long – it has taken me years longer to get my head around Gmail’s ways of doing things.

  • Mike

    Pretty good for a service that still is in beta, huh?


    (Or, did Goggle finally get rid of the “beta” label?)

  • jivadas

    I was invited to get a gmail account shortly after the service came online. I was then using hotmail and yahoo, both of which were ugly and overloaded with advertising. gmail kept its ads discreetly on the side; but it offered much more–a wealth of options to personalize my page; a very functional filing system; and an excellent trasher for the hundred pitches for viagra, African kidnap victims, and Hot Girls that are sent to me every day. It also gave me the possibility of forming a googleGroup to replace the group on Yahoo that was somehow subverted by an unknown person.
    I have had my account closed twice, however, “for suspicious activity”; and the reconnect was not so easy as ranjan describes: but that was long ago, and probably they have improved their systems since.
    I think the reason that it took so long for gmail to conquer the market is because many Yahoo and hotmail accounts are unused duplicates–like the phony number of accounts that the execrable Facebook recently announced, In an attempt to save their stock from its inevitable dive (sell it short, if you play the market).
    google is rightly King. If you do not like their tracking Analytics, download Ghostery, which will cut it off.


  • Ranjan

    I open an account with Gmail in 2006. After that I used Gmail along with Yahoo for almost a year. I changed my password and forgot it as I did signed in for a week. I couldn’t retrieve my account back. [I had same problem with Gmail too, but it was quite easy to get my account back! – just answer few account related questions]. There was a marked difference in between the Yahoo and Gmail’s spam filter. Since then I haven’t used anything other than Gmail. Now though I have an account with Yahoo, that’s because it’s compulsory to have a Yahoo mail account to access Yahoo!Answers. I guess, along with Flickr, Yahoo!Answers add number to the Yahoo mail users.