No one is lining up to buy iPad minis — a sign of failure for Apple?

Apple product launches are typically met with hundreds (thousands?) of fans lining up at Apple stores to be one of the first ones to grab the new iDevice. Unfortunately for Apple, the same can’t be said for the iPad mini, which is going on sale this Friday (November 2).

The iPad mini debut in Sydney, Australia was met by roughly 50 Apple fans lined up to grab their hands on the tablet. Sure, a line of 50 is not “no one” (as the title of this article insinuates — bad, bad Ashraf) and is more than what other vendors typically get, but it sure isn’t close to the line for the iPhone or iPad that stretches for blocks at the same store.  Another similar case is how only one man is lined up for the iPad mini at the Apple store near Central Park in New York City, and while I’m sure the line would be longer if not for Hurricane Sandy, I highly doubt it would be much longer. The same holds true for most Apple stores around the world — either no lines at all, or lines that are miniscule in size compared to product launches for other iDevices.

Is this a sign of a failed product for Apple or are people simply holding out until the 3G/4G version hits store shelves? Only time will tell but it would make sense that people are holding out for the 3G/4G version. After all, one of the attractions of the smaller 7-inch form factor is portability — and you don’t always have WiFi access when on the road. It would also make sense if people don’t drink Apple’s kool-aid and not purchase an overpriced product.

[via NBC, Mashable]

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  • Dale

    I don’t think the iPad mini’s not going to do too much until people upgrade from or decided that they’ve got their money’s worth out their current tablet. Personally, I’m getting sick of the look of the apple products, it’s getting old and I think others are too. People, not informed geeks of course, see them as suing people over corners, being fixated on their iPhone and being more irrelevant and generally stupid. BTW I am still using my 3GS and iPad2 but will probably get another phone because it’s will at least be colourful.

  • Mike

    @AFPhys: Agreed. Or, at least, resistance to an Apple product that is a later-comer, offering less technology advance at a substantially greater price. Apple’s gambit would have worked in 2010. But coming in 2012, it’s 2 years behind. technology-wise and price-wise. And potential customers have noticed.

    I was a bit shocked by the iPad mini. Certainly, Apple has had enough time to get it right. And while it certainly is pretty and assuredly works well, it appears to be a mini version of an iPad 2 rather then of the newest iPad–looking backwards rather than forward. Odd for an innovation company like Apple–perhaps Apple didn’t want to innovate too much, for fear of cannabalizing iPhone, Touch or New iPad sales?

  • AFPhys

    Time will tell, but this may indicate the time that people express price resistance to Apple may be arriving. Apple has fended off that behavior for many decades through many products.

  • kevbo

    I guess you can’t legislate market dominance in a free enterprise system.