Sorry for the sudden influx of e-mails — dotTech’s emailing capabilities have been restored

Hey dotTechies,

On Tuesday dotTech’s ability to send e-mail reminders, comment updates, etc. was disabled by our web host due to a bogus spam complaint. That issue is still being resolved but due to how long it is taking, our web host has agreed to unblock dotTech’s e-mailing ability while we address the spam complaint. As such, dotTech is now able to send e-mails again — you will continue to get your regular multiple-times-a-day dosage of dotTech communication.

That said, I apologize for the potentially 10+ e-mails you received today from dotTech. You see while our e-mailing was banned, we didn’t stop posting. Since we didn’t stop posting, there are e-mail notifications for all those posts. The e-mails for those posts were backlogged automatically while our e-mail was disabled and sent out in quick succession today when our e-mailing port was re-enabled. Sorry!

-Mr. Boss

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  • anacebuyer


    Thank you for the quick reply. I have been signed up for a very long time, Ashraf. I just logged back in, and do not see any place in my profile to select “digest” mode, though. Is there another way to change back to digest mode? Sorry if I am being dense.

  • Ashraf

    @anacebuyer: Digest mode is already enabled. Are you sure you are signed up?

  • anacebuyer



  • anacebuyer

    When will digest mode be available again? I’m looking online at the site, and it does not look like it was ever restored.

  • etim

    It sounds like it’s time to find a new web host. This one doesn’t sound like they’re very much on the ball–or concerned about quality service to you, their paying client.

    Or maybe you can suggest a letter that all of us dottechies can send to (flood) them in protest of their poor practices.

  • Ashraf

    @Roger McKeon: @nickb: @clockmendergb: @Finell: Thanks everyone!
    @Finell: Hehe, sorry not going to happen. She is all mine.

  • Finell

    Ashraf, I am VERY eager to see what the most beautiful woman ever looks like. I suspect that others here may share my interest. Any chance you could point us to an appropriate, polite, suitable-for-work photo?

  • Finell

    Hi, Ashraf. It is really unfair that some jerk complained to your ISP that dotTech sends spam. Your email policies are very clear, and no one receives your email unless they subscribed. You allow subscriptions limited to specific topics, and you recently added the option of receiving a single daily digest of posts, rather than daily individual emails on all subscribed topics. I cannot imagine anyone who manages email subscriptions better. Feel free to quote me!

  • clockmendergb

    Glad you are getting it sorted out Ashraf.
    Must be a right pain in the you know where.
    Having problems like this

  • nickb

    I’m actually looking forward to the the emails again. :-)

  • It’s OK Ashraf, don’t worry, be happy!