Sorry for the sudden influx of e-mails — dotTech’s emailing capabilities have been restored

Hey dotTechies,

On Tuesday dotTech’s ability to send e-mail reminders, comment updates, etc. was disabled by our web host due to a bogus spam complaint. That issue is still being resolved but due to how long it is taking, our web host has agreed to unblock dotTech’s e-mailing ability while we address the spam complaint. As such, dotTech is now able to send e-mails again — you will continue to get your regular multiple-times-a-day dosage of dotTech communication.

That said, I apologize for the potentially 10+ e-mails you received today from dotTech. You see while our e-mailing was banned, we didn’t stop posting. Since we didn’t stop posting, there are e-mail notifications for all those posts. The e-mails for those posts were backlogged automatically while our e-mail was disabled and sent out in quick succession today when our e-mailing port was re-enabled. Sorry!

-Mr. Boss

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