Samsung will not back down against Apple on lawsuits, says top Samsung executive

The AFP is reporting that top Samsung executive J.K. Shin has made comments indicating that they have no plans to reach a settlement with Apple on their ongoing patent lawsuit battles around the world. This is in contrast to the current situation with HTC, who has agreed to a 10-year patent licensing deal with Apple. Apple and Samsung are doing battle in multiple courts across 10 nations, with both tasting victory and defeat across different battlefields.

It should be noted that HTC too was very adamant about not giving up against Apple, as recent as August. However, it should also be noted that HTC suffered defeat after defeat at the hands of Apple whereas Samsung is fairing very well. Aside from the $1.05 billion fine (which is pending appeal), Apple has only won few, short victories against Samsung on its rampage against the Korean giant. In fact, Samsung has not only emerged largely unscathed but holds the higher moral ground (thanks to its underdog status) in the eye of many consumers. So while this may change in the future, right now Samsung has no reason to throw in the towel.

It is unfortunate that majority of the news that we hear involving these two companies has been about lawsuits. The technology industry in general has been flooded with lawsuits regarding patent battles among many major companies. The theft of ideas is definitely not a good thing, but these countless patent battles will only stifle innovation, not encourage it.

[via AFP, image via NYT]

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  • Enrique

    @sl0j0n: A perfect explanation, thank you!

  • sl0j0n

    Hello, all.
    As for the lawsuits “stifling innovation”, you have to remember that any organization has limited resources.
    The more time and money spent on lawsuits, the less left to spend on other aspects of that org’s business interests.
    That includes “innovation” too.
    I’m always amazed at how few people see that *EVERYTHING* has to be budgeted for.
    Sometimes it seems that some in the ‘techno-geek-nerd-computer’ field see it, but most just can’t grasp this extremely important aspect of *everything*.
    It seems to be a major flaw of practically ALL political parties too.

    Have a GREAT day, neighbors!

  • Enrique

    @Mike: While it might seem like they’re not directly affecting any of the processes, a designer make think twice about bold new ideas or designs because of the countless things that are being patented these days.

  • Mike

    Are the lawsuits really “stifling innovation”? Or rather, as a friend once said, simply redistributing wealth back and forth . . . .

  • Enrique

    @AFPhys: I agree with you completely! But aren’t a majority of these lawsuits targeted towards Samsung’s hardware being too similar in style and build? I think Apple may be pushing it in some fronts but it’s hard to deny that Samsung wasn’t slightly too inspired by their design in both hardware and software.

  • AFPhys

    There is something VERY distasteful to me regarding any, and I mean ANY, arrangement of icons on a device, or keystroke arrangement, or required movement of your hand, etc.

    The root of many of these lawsuits is allowing patents for “look and feel”, which cases were very poorly adjudicated decades ago. This subsequent ridiculous series of courtroom dancing is demonstration that my reactions about that way-back-when were the wise response to those terrible court case outcomes.