This is what RIM’s last hope, the Blackberry 10 L-Series, looks like


We know that RIM will be revealing BlackBerry 10 early next year, but it’s still been a mystery what the devices running it would actually look like until now. Pictures have surfaced on¬†tinhte of what appear to be the upcoming BlackBerry 10 L-Series, and it looks like RIM’s new hardware is looking pretty good. Take a look at a few more shots of the device below.


It appears that RIM has gone for a very simple and sophisticated look, with much of the device being covered in just black or glass.


The metallic volume rocker, with the opposite side housing a micro-USB and micro-HDMI.


The rear cover is removable, and there you’ll find a replaceable 1,800mAh battery along with access slots for the micro-SIM and microSD.

Also visible when the back cover is removed is an NFC antenna, making this quite the complete device. If that screen turns out to be a solid one and the camera isn’t useless, RIM has come up with a very compelling device. It looks good design-wise despite going the arguably safe route and so far has the capability to compete. Of course, all that won’t matter if the software isn’t up to snuff. January can’t come soon enough!

[via Tinhte]

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  • mukhi

    in india, BB is still popular specially among students because of super-cheap BBM. BB10 may an winner if reasonable amount of good apps is available together with other std. hardware features we talk about..

  • Enrique

    @naveed: I believe one of the main selling points of BB10 is the ability to run Android apps, or at least make it extremely to port them.

  • Bruce Fraser

    The user-replaceable battery is a major bonus for me.

  • Looks nice, what’s the screen size? Does it run android apps like the playbook? They might have something, then, not much, but a little.

  • Kathryn

    I love Blackberry, especially their O/S. I can’t wait to see the new BB 10.