Japan introduces smartphone-controlled toilet of the future


If there’s one thing I wanted to take home from Japan, it’s the toilets. It seemed like every toilet I saw had its own quirky little feature. Most of the toilets have the ability to play ambient waterfall sounds to help get you going, while some even let you play games on the urinal with your pee. The latter’s benefit I’m not entirely sure of but it’s pretty awesome nevertheless. Japan’s latest innovation in bathroom technology? The Satis.

The Satis is a toilet that can be controlled using your smartphone. The toilet makes its connection using bluetooth technology and allows you to do things like raise and lower the seat wirelessly, activate the bidet and of course, flush the toilet.


More “advanced” features of the toilet include the ability to stream music from your phone to the toilet’s built-in speakers, check water and electricity consumption and record your daily bowel movements through the app.

With all that tech, I was seriously interested! Unfortunately, the Inax Satis Toilets won’t come cheap. They’re priced at 380,000 yen, which is the equivalent of 4,540 US dollars — an amount that I would much rather use on some more serious gadgets. But for those of you who can swing it, the toilet of the future releases early next year.

[via RocketNews24]

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  • Enrique

    I’m aware of that, but normally they have the usual heated seat, bidet, and sometimes ambient sounds. Never heard of a bluetooth-controlled toilet with a smartphone app before the Satis so I’m not sure why you think this is old news :) Modern toilets in Japan is of course old news, but this specific model and all the features it comes with, I would argue is quite new :)

  • Switch-kun

    @Enrique: Most households in Japan own an electronic toilet. Westerners didn’t really adopt the concept, that’s all. :)

  • Enrique

    @Switch-kun: But for many of us, a Bluetooth-controlled toilet with built-in speakers and a companion smartphone app is pretty new :) It’s also an unreleased product that isn’t due until next year, hence I thought it worth writing about. Thanks for the clarification though! :) It’s true they’re quite expensive.

  • Switch-kun

    @Enrique: In Japan, phone operating toilets is an old concept. So many electronic toilets, so expensive at the same time…

  • Enrique

    @Switch-kun: Care to link the better toilet? I’d like to see that ;)

  • Switch-kun

    Very old news is old. Not surprised at all… I’ve seen better.

  • arie

    now that’s pretty interesting stuff :)