Now this is how you get your stolen phone back


If you’ve never used Apple’s Find My iPhone app, then good for you — I’m glad you’ve never needed to. But for those of us who’ve used it to locate a misplaced or even stolen phone, it’s a godsend. A musician named Nadav Nirenberg, however, shows us how to really get your phone back.

Last week, Nirenberg apparently learned that someone was using his stolen phone to send messages to girls through a dating site. He then used a fake online profile to pretend he was a woman and proceeded to catch the thief’s interest. Nirenberg was successful, and the thief replied saying that he wanted to “meet at her place” that night.

The bandit knocked on his door at around 7 p.m. holding a bottle of wine. He was clean-shaven and smelled like cologne.

“He was ready for a date,” Nirenberg said.

But instead of a kiss, the musician tapped him on the shoulder from behind, flashed a hammer and demanded his phone back.

The crook, who was short and soft-spoken, nervously handed over the cellphone and bolted after Nirenberg handed him $20.

It all took less than 20 seconds.

“As he was walking away, I said, ‘You smell great, though,’ ” Nirenberg quipped.

Nirenberg seems like a pretty nice guy — he didn’t choose to file a police report, because he “didn’t want trouble” AND he even gave the thief 20 bucks. Good job Nirenberg, good job.

[via iDownloadBlog]

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