Mother learns of her missing son’s death 2 weeks late because police told her on Facebook


Anna Lamb-Creasey discovered that her had not only gone missing but died through the worst possible way. Local police in Clayton County for some reason decided that to inform a mother of her child’s death through a Facebook message.

Can you believe that it gets worse? They not only messaged her on Facebook that her son had been found dead, but they did so through an employee’s account that was under the name “Misty Hancock” and had a picture of rapper T.I. as its profile picture. Because the mother was not friends with the police employee on Facebook, the message was relegated to the “Other” section which is separate from the user’s main inbox.

To recap, the police sent the message through Facebook that went straight to a message section that nobody really checks using an employee account under the name “Misty Hancock” with the picture of a rapper as its profile pic. Even if she did see it right away, how could you take that seriously?

The local police are saying that they made repeated attempts to contact the family through more conventional means but the mother doesn’t seem too convinced.  “If they can track a criminal down, they couldn’t track me down?” said Lamb-Creasey to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She also says that they could have at least used an official police Facebook account. The police have acknowledged their fault and are now investigating why this particular account was used.

[via Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionGizmodo]

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