Google is aiming to sell Google Glass to consumers this year, and for less than $1,500


Google recently showed off how it feels to use Google Glass, and it looked pretty awesome. Unfortunately, they also mentioned a pretty hefty $1,500 price tag for the developer edition of the device.

But today, Google has officially said that the company is not only aiming to bring a “fully-polished” version of the product to consumers by the end of this year, they will also be selling it for less than $1,500.

Whether that means it’ll still cost something like $1,299 or $299, it’s a good sign that Google themselves realize that the $1,500 for developers just wouldn’t fly for most consumers, especially for an unproven device and technology. As many have been pointing out, while Google Glass is pretty cool, it doesn’t actually provide any additional functionality not found on your current smartphone today which sort of relegates it to a nice-to-have rather than a must-have device at this point.

Speaking of expensive, is Google trying to pull an Apple by selling overpriced tech now? Watch out!

[via The Verge]

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