Steve Jobs is getting his own manga (comic) in Japan


After the death of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, there have been numerous products related to him released that range from the normal (a biography) to the bizarre (an action figure). I’m not quite sure where to place this one, now that I think about it.

Japanese manga artist¬†Mari Yamazaki is working on what is being called a “manga biography” of the late Steve Jobs, and it’s going to run as a serial in the Kiss magazine in Japan. The image that you see above is an illustration that Yamazaki made as a teaser for his upcoming project and you’ve probably noticed that there are no giant eyes or weird anime hair here. It looks as if Yamazaki is taking the manga biography quite seriously.

Also, his previous work, Thermae Romae was adapted into an anime series and eventually a live action film. I think we already have enough movies at this point, so maybe we’ll see a Steve Jobs anime somewhere down the line? Apple probably wouldn’t be too pleased with the idea, but hey, you never know. Make it happen Japan!

[via CNET]

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