These are the most popular internet browsers around the world


Pretty much everyone I know these days uses Google Chrome. I know a couple of people that use Mozilla’s Firefox, and even fewer people that are on Safari or Internet Explorer. I currently don’t know anyone that uses Opera. That’s what it’s like in my part of the world at the moment, and it might be extremely different for you depending where you live.

This handy little usage list in the form of a map (see above) comes from StatCounter, and is a pretty easy way to see what browsers people like to use around the world. The results in terms of amount of  usage shouldn’t be too surprising, but seeing where all the usage comes from is very interesting. Here’s what the different colors represent, in descending order of popularity:

  1. Green – Google Chrome
  2. Blue – Internet Explorer
  3. Orange – Firefox
  4. Grey – Safari
  5. Red – Opera

If you find yourself squinting, don’t forget you can click the image to get a bigger and better look at the map.

So, what browser do you use, and in what country are you in? Feel free to share with us in the comments below!

[via StatCounter, Gizmodo]

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  • insanelyapple

    I don’t believe that Chrome is popular because of it’s brand, simplicity or Google services; it’s rather popular because many Windows software installers are smuggling it – many regular users installs their software just by clicking “next” button, without paying attention to the screens. Chrome lands by this way on their computers, adds icons to the desktop, quick launch, its nasty autoupdater service runs in background, users notices the browser and being curious launches it and puff – Google claims that their browser is very popular.
    This is the one but not only way that Google pushes its browser to the people – i’ve notices many times floating banners in their services that were trying to convince me that Chrome is cool, better etc. – it’s not. It’s one big frakking spyware.

    And by the way, Louis: there’s no such thing like Russian satellite countries or “states”; all countries being once in SU are for more than 20 years independent. Some are under russian infulence like Belarus but calling them “satellites” it’s an abuse.

  • Louis

    eeehhhmmmm ….. Chrome for Russia & satellite states ? Vietnam ? North Korea ?

    All of Indonesia and Outer Mongolia using FF ?

    I don’t think so.

    South Africa (my home country) all using IE ? What utter @#$%, it’s one of the most tech-savvy countries on the planet, everyone I know hates IE, FF & Chrome being very popular on personal hardware. Corporate networks in South Africa do use mostly IE though, during SA office hours.

    Furthermore — unless this survey eliminated Internet usage over office hours (which probably accounts for the highest % of Internet usage per 24h day), I can’t buy that most corporations uses Chrome as their main browser — most LAN administrators usually stick with using IE over corporate networks on all pc’s, as it comes pre-installed with Windows, it’s easier to manage, being part of Windows, and eliminates individuals installing their own favourite browsers all over the network, for security reasons.

  • Lamont Briggs

    Why do people still use IE? And so many of them? Chrome is the best, or anything chromium based like the torch browser.

  • David Roper

    [@JohnnyG] Thanks, it’s nice. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too. Where have I been?

  • JohnnyG

    [@David Roper]

    You’re confusing Scrapbook Plus (which is a mod of Scrapbook and says it doesn’t work after FF 18) with the original Scrapbook. I’m using version 1.5.6 with FF 22.0 with no problems. Yes, it saves web pages, selections, etc. for offline browsing. And the great thing is you do everything within FF so you can, for example, go directly to any link on your saved page(s) without having to open a browser.

  • David Roper

    [@JohnnyG] Mannn, there you go. Now I want to try Scrapbook you spoke of, but alas, I am using the latest version of FF22.0 and it doesn’t work after 17.0.

    So what does Scrapbook do? Save the page locally for browsing after Wifi is off? If so, neat feature. I hate upgrading as I am expected to do and losing access to old stuff like that. Drats.

  • JohnnyG

    [@David Roper] How do you suppose we DotTech-ers like FF so much and yet Chrome seems to win the “contest”?

    I think it’s logical: the sort of person that would follow a website like dotTech is someone naturally interested in technology at some level. Therefore, it’s more likely that a dotTechie would take more time to examine different options to determine which one is best for him or her, unlike Joe Normal who just uses either 1) whatever he finds on his computer or 2) whatever his friends use.

    As I mentioned, I don’t use Chrome or GMail because I think Google has too much power already. What I didn’t mention are the reasons I do use FF: 1) first and foremost, because of all of add-ons available (for example, I can’t imagine computer life without the Scrapbook add-on) and 2) Mozilla has been good lately about taking care of security issues.

  • David Roper

    [@JohnnyG] Johnny,, you seem to know your way around these stats. How do you suppose we DotTech-ers like FF so much and yet Chrome seems to win the “contest”? Both are Free, so it isn’t about money. What is it? Are we just smarter?

  • JohnnyG

    Sorry, but I didn’t think to post this when I first read the article the other day. Here’s where I go when I want to see what people are doing on the Web:

    It’s easier to read than Enrique’s map since usage is posted in percentages, plus it has information about operating systems, usage by country and the most common screen resolutions. Desde España, JohnnyG

  • Morgan

    The authors info seems to be incorrect.

  • jipy

    I think something is wrong… in my head perhaps…

    Google seems to be the best browser around the World, BUT:

    – very many people here don’t like Google Chrome and for near the same reasons all over the Earth.

    – a lot of people here like and use Firefox but the place is “only” the third?

    e.g. : In France FF is very popular and used but the country is colored in green on this map???

    Like other countries in Europa, like ALL countries in America (north and south) ???

    THE question: who payed for these stats?

    Google Company?

  • David Roper

    Looks like for us “Dottechers” it is Firefox because of the Open Source aspect.

    Right, Ashraf?

    I knew Chrome was only a MS Boasting in the tally.

  • David Browning

    I love Firefox and its extras – UK.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Oooops. Forgot to mention that I am in the USA.

  • stilofilos

    Neither did I. Guess it’s not so much ‘require’ by companies, but rather lazyness of site developers, some technical specificities of browsers being different. (they then use to call their site ‘optimized’ for IE !…)
    For example : (If my information is still up-to-date) IE is unable to understand a huge chunk of CSS. And that’s an other reason for my preference for Firefox : using CSS you can easily get rid of tons of irritating and useless junk on websites and just see what you want to see. Like: not one single piece of ad on my newspapers, no stupid reader comments on their articles,…

  • Hamza

    I am from Algeria, and I use Firefox on Linux and Windows as well.
    People in Algeria prefer Chrome because it is the fastest browser, but I prefer Firefox because of its developer tools and its advanced options, and -of course- it is open-source.

  • AFPhy6

    [@Mr.Dave] I have never ever visited a site which required me to have IE.

    If some company were to force me to have IE to view their site, they will completely lose my interest.

  • [@JohnnyG] I’m an avid Firefox user as well. One thing I really hate now is how Chrome will force install itself with other programs, that’s an immediate delete offense for me. I don’t take it as far as my brother-in-law though, every time he deletes Chrome he fills their survey out with “You Suck.”
    Iron is based on Chrome, but the developer has closed Chrome’s security and tracking loopholes. I use it as a backup browser. However IE, IMO, lives up to it’s reputation as “The world’s best Firefox downloader.” Wish I could remember where I first read that so I could attribute it properly.

  • stilofilos

    Hi, Thailand here. (not a thai though if it matters, Belgian expat)
    I swear by Firefox, too. Not so much for itself (rather despit itself…), but its addons still make it unbeatable, as well in the field of functionality as in that of security. I tried almost every other one and threw them all away as they could absolutely not compete with my setup.
    Didn’t throw away Internet explorer of course for system stability reasons, but I blocked it in my firewall, so that nobody can start it up.

  • J C Gross

    I’ve used Opera for years. I try to avoid M$ products at all costs.

    Interesting that Opera is so popular among the commenters here. Maybe it’s a techno-geek thing?

  • Rekha

    I am from India and I use Chrome. I can’t find my way around Firefox and I find Safari pretty irritating.

    I do experiment with some that pay you to browse like Swagbucks.

    Most online stores and govt setups, even the ISP’s, prefer that you use IE which I feel is one of the slowest browsers ever created. I really, really hate when it comes to paying my bills online or booking tickets and stuff.

    As for privacy, we often tell our entire life story on social networks. Cribbing about G doesn’t make much sense.

  • David Roper

    David Roper in SC in the USA uses Firefox. Chrome tried to “take over” my Computer and I do not like that. It’s a browser, not an operating system I want. If I ever were to change I woujld probably wimp out to Chrome under duress and pressure. I would “pout” for 6 months and then forget about it.

  • jipy

    I’m in France.

    My main and usual browser is Firefox (as a security measure with the portable version only).

    The second and additional one is Maxthon, “registry version”, used only as “by default” browser by all various programs installed for, e.g., links in mails…

    I never use IE mainly for security reasons. I close it immediately when some program open it instead of Maxthon.

    I ‘ve tried but don’t use any more Google Chrome for the above reasons. It’s a huge, huge, huge spyware!!!

    Finelly, when I run Linux (Mint), Firefox is my main and only web-browser.
    Occasionally, I use Opera.

  • Richard

    Opera-All the time. I like the extensions and speed dial.
    Firefox-Backup for when a web page doesn’t work right with Opera
    Chrome-I don’t like all the processes that it opens. Why can’t they make just one process open not a bunch.

  • melen001
  • Mr.Dave

    USA, Firefox 95%, Chrome 5%, IE .001%. Windows Vista.
    I finally realized that many companies require IE for their sites only because they KNOW if you run Windows, you’ll have IE, and they don’t have to pay someone to make sure another browser works. If you don’t run windows, I assume you can get IE to work some other way? I took an online class recently that required Safari. Fortunately Chrome also worked, but not IE and not Firefox. My guess is they were an Apple-centric place and never even considered writing for a different browser, even though I’ve heard Safari is not popular on that side of the fence either. People can’t afford to develop for any combination of users, OS and hardware! And although there are standards, the major players break the rules so much that standards don’t mean much. By the way, my firewall blocks IE unless I specifically allow it.


    I agree with the 1st post from JohnnyG. 3rd party cookies are a “huge business” and Google leads the pack! I have a 64-bit Win.7 and i use waterfox and cyberfox net browsers. These are 64-bit compliant, real cool and seamlessly integrate with a 64-bit OS!

  • Svend

    I live in Sweden and Opera give me most exept on Facebook!

    1 Opera
    2 Chrome
    3 Maxthon
    4 Firefox

    IE= never

  • Chuck Sedore

    Canada here

  • Chuck Sedore

    Firefox is main one. Opera is alternate. Hate Chrome.

  • jayesstee

    I’m in/from the UK.
    #1 Firefox – loaded with add-ons.
    #2 PaleMoon – fairly light on add-ons.

  • Uncle Sam

    [@JohnnyG] WE’RE WATCHING YOU….

  • Leonel

    I am in the USA. I use FF for miscellaneous web browsing, Chrome for SEO related functions and applications, and IE for SERP scans.

  • wwgorman

    I use Firefox and am based in the U.S.A. (Florida and Maine). I can’t believe that Chrome is the most popular browser in America. I think it is probably Internet Explorer as many websites I encounter you have to use IE if you want to enter data, like credit card or other information. This extends to State Governments as well. I have renewed my Professional Engineering licenses in Florida and Pennsylvania so far this year ad they require IE.

  • melen001

    I live in the city of Humacao Puerto Rico and I switch between Firefox and IE. Google Chrome, well, I rarely use it but I still have it. Just don’t want Google Chrome to know everything about me. All they have to do is ask NSA what toilet paper I’ve been using lately…. WOW…. and they say that we live in “America, land of the FREE”….

  • thegreenwizard

    Look @ this red pixel in South Florida, that’s me with opera. But in general I use various browser.
    1. Opera,
    2. IronWare, Comodo Dragon, the both based in Chrome but more secure
    3. Matron
    4. SeaMonkey – Firefox
    5. IE
    6. Safari, only to test some design.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Firefox for me as well, although I will occasionally use Opera. I won’t use Chrome for pretty much the same reasons given by JohnnyG – although that may not even matter anymore, given that the NSA knows what I had for breakfast this morning.

  • John Griego

    I’m in the USA and my preferred browser is Palemoon.

  • JohnnyG

    I use Firefox and I choose not to use Chrome or GMail because I don’t want Google to know *everthing* about me. I don’t buy into conspiracy theories, but just casual observation of stats like those shown in the above artice demonstrates that Google knows an awful lot about people who use their services. As far as I know, Google only uses the information they gather to promote themselves financially through selective adverstising, but I don’t see any sort of impediments that would stop them using it for other purposes.