Yes, your phone must be on to use it [Humor]


What would y0u do if you were in this position and the person who couldn’t get their phone to work was you boss. Would you tell them all they had to do was turn it on or make up a story about how you fixed it?

[via RyuShoten]

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  • KMHamm

    I got a call from the boss’ exec. assistant. Her computer “wouldn’t come on” and I was the only person there. I looked at it (for the obvious) and noticed that the monitor had been shut off. I asked her to get me a soda while I looked things over. Easy fix, of course. So when she got back, we did some chatting and ended up dating for a long time. Did I ever tell her? Nah.

  • zweihund

    I once had a telephone call-out with a client back when IBM PCs were the norm, and I asked them repeatedly to flick the big red switch on the side to power it off then back on. They said they were doing so, but there was no change
    Eventually, I drove the 500 mile round-trip to find there was a piece of card over the switch saying Do Not Switch Off (It was their telephone call logger, and the office staff used to switch it off at the end of their working day). 30 seconds after arriving, I was ready to return to the office

  • Prema

    I would demand a promotion, if they refuse I use his/her blackmail them.

    Less Work, More Pay is what usually makes my day!!

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Definitely wait and talk about what an idiot they are later, when you are comparing stories with other techies. :)

  • One of my college professors (MCSE certification program) talked about a situation where he was called in to fix a printer that wasn’t working. First thing he noticed was that it wasn’t plugged in. He told the man “This may take a few moments, why don’t you go get some coffee.” Then he plugged the printer in, tested it and found out it worked great. When the user got back he said, “It’s fine now, just a power supply problem.”

    Then he went back to his office and wrote a company email about troubleshooting steps to try first. He made two points out of this. 1) Never overlook the obvious. 2) Never make the end user feel like an idiot, even if they are. I suspect that’s doubly so if it’s your boss. =)