• Mr.Dave

    [@vandamme] Thanks, GMX might be good for my personal messages and keep Gmail for contests and software registration.

  • [@Mr.Dave] Well, it’s an OK email, better than most, plus a file sharing thingie and a collector for other email. It’s not Google and doesn’t have all the integrated Google tools, Plus, Hangouts, and all that. But there are some things I don’t want to share with Google. I don’t get much spam, whereas Google puts some of my good mail into the spam bin.

  • Mr.Dave

    [@vandamme] I have not heard of GMX until now. Just checked the website, they don’t say much about the product. I’ll do a more in-depth look later this week, thanks! What’s you experience with GMX? I have no “devices” yet, so don’t need the mobile interface. Nice to know it’s there if I need it later.

  • [@Mr.Dave] Have you tried GMX?

  • Mr.Dave

    Is anyone going to write a “best free web-based email service for Windows” article? Or are they all the same these days in terms of ease of use, using filters to find or delete old messages (maybe by the hundreds!), security, embedded ads in messages, storage space…. I’m using Gmail, Yahoo mail, Mail.com and they all seem pretty similar to me. Makes it easier to leave Gmail (after many many years).

  • Coyote

    Considering the information that’s being sent is the same data that gmail requested on signup I don’t see the security issue you’re complaining about. It would be like having a lock on my front door and then a subsequent lock on every other door in my house. Personally I like the single login that google offers. Also on the advanced options, you can disable any number of the things it will sync, including add-ons, extensions, bookmarks, even passwords. For those that don’t pay attention it could be a security risk…. but if you just pay attention it makes much less hassle working from different PCs/phones/tablets. The shared tab list is a great thing when you’re a tech and need to see the webpage you had up in the office.