New version of Chrome helps you identify tabs that have audio or video playing


For those who hate the random auto-play feature some websites have, Chrome may have the answer you’ve been waiting for. Google announced yesterday that the new beta version of the Chrome browser will have indicators letting you know what tabs have music or videos playing.

This new feature not only gives you a heads up to the audio but allows you to find the pesky tab that has the noise and either shut it down or stop the noise. You will no longer have to sort through four or five tabs to figure out where the sound is coming from. All you have to do is look at the tab for a speaker icon to find the culprit.

Aside from noisy tabs, this new feature also alerts you to which tabs are accessing your web camera and what tabs are connected to Chromecast for TV display.

The beta version of the new Chrome browser can be downloaded now from Google’s site. For those who want to wait for an official release, a Google spokeswoman said the first “stable” release is about a month away.

[via All Things Digital, via Google Chrome Blog]

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