Google brings high-speed internet to Uganda, thanks to Project Link


Internet has become the focal point in our lives now. A part of our essence seems to be connected with internet as well. Without internet, God knows how life would be like. I have been without internet for a week, and take my word when I say it is the most miserable calamity to befall a person. However, there are some huge parts of the world which have no internet connection. If internet is available in said parts, it is the likes of those with sluggish dial-up connections.

While global access to internet can benefit entire generations, big tech firms are at the forefront of raking in bounties from untapped markets of the world. Apple is expanding its access in India, and India does not just comprise of Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, etc. It is one of the largest countries in the world with one of the largest population. India is a big country and not all people have access to iPhones and internet. Likewise, Google has offered to install its speed-demon fiber optic internet network in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, under Google’s project, Project Link. By the installation of the fiber optic internet network, local internet providers and mobile carriers will be able to access Google’s internet network.

Africa has a population of 1 billion, as of 2009, and according to Mountain View, only 16% of the people have access to internet. However, it is to be noted that while it is a magnanimous effort from Google, the provision of Google’s internet network in Kampala depends on Kampala’s local internet providers. If they are not enraptured with avarice, only then can this noble effort be fulfilled.

[via engadget]

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