Ask dotTechies: Do you click on advertisements?

The other day I was reading my e-mails (in Gmail) and noticed that there were Google Ads placed at the right. This struck me since I never really noticed the ads before. This got me thinking were the ads just added or did I subconsciously ignore the ads – until that moment – because I never click on any advertisements. So that got me curious and I was wondering what about other dotTechies – do you click on advertisements?

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Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic in the comments below.

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  • Haakon Aas

    Thanks :-) Yes, that is why I do click add`s here…AND donate too!!!
    (I do not think Ashraf “earn” anything at all :-( …not for himself…)
    Its NOT free to run a site with the usage …. hits… connections, dottechies have.
    My contributions, by clicking adds and donating is to help pay for server “time”.
    IF the income is more than the cost of running the site….HOPE IT IS!!! I am more than happy.
    Ashraf and the others spend so much time making this site as good as it is…so I HOPE they can at least have some “income” :-)
    THANKS to you all!!!

  • FRank


    Clicking on advertisement in dottech page earn Ashraf a bit of money,
    so please
    right click on the ad
    select open in new window and
    as the window opens just close it again.
    So please everybody click on those ads

  • frank

    Well as clicking on ads on tour site pays you some money, (I believe) I just click on the ads in your page (opening in a separate window and then close the window straight away) This I hope will give you some small change as a appreciation of the work you do. I do the same on the GAOTD page..keep up the good work – many thanks

  • I only click ads on sites I like and feel like they could use support/extra money.

  • Kane

    I use adblockplus most of the time.  However, there are about ten websites I go to every day to read new techie articles (I think this site may become #11).  On those sites I periodically turn off adblock and click ads just to help support them.  I will read those ads occasionally, at least one out of every couple hundred or so.

  • Mr.Dave

    Like others here, I don’t want a click on an ad to open dozens of other tabs or windows, or install things I don’t want, or send any information about me to the advertiser.  Too bad for the “legitimate” adds, but there’s too much risk.  If something is more interesting than annoying, I’ll search for it.  I have most ads blocked, and for those that still break through, and all those added by search engines, it’s a very rare event when they want to sell something I want to buy.  Add all this together, and it’s not worth my time to even look at ads.

  • sunny

    hmmm… I concur with many of the views expressed here. And I’m glad to be reminded about supporting my favourite sites by clicking on an ad or two. I used to do that, but in recent years have quite forgotten about it.
    I find ads, unless placed discreetly, to be a real irritant and intrusion. Over the years I’ve honed my skills in simply not seeing them while peripherally knowing they are there –  and sometimes lots of them. The worst, and these I can’t avoid tangling with, are the fast-flashing ads and the other odiously annoying type  – the ‘word’ ads.
    It was alarming recently to find a favourite blog site had studded all their text content with numerous word ads. As I often slide my cursor over the lines as I read, the darn things kept popping up and blocking the text. I stood it as long as my nerves allowed then decided to say goodbye to this particular site.
    When using Firefox ads are seldom a problem, but I use a variety of browsers and therein meet trouble.
    I was using a minor browser recently while visiting a British newspaper. I clicked on an innocent link, just to go to the next page, and found that my original 4 tabs had instantly erupted into a rash of 28 open tabs and each of them was an ad-page! Ugh. I had to painstakingly close each one to get back to my original four.
    While using Firefox one forgets that such nighmares abound out there just waiting to snarl us up. Such sites do a good job at repelling their visitors.
    Now, having vented my dislike of ads, I’m going to click a few here at dottech, and remember to do it whenever I visit. Just by way of saying thank you to Ashraf for all the good value content and the enjoyment I’ve had here.

  • Grr

    I do click sometimes, to help the site/blog. Without clicks there would be no earning for the site/blog owner & hence no existence of such useful & informative sites.

  • Orchid

    There are  some that I’ve clicked on….those being on a few sites that I think highly of and support.  However I also always make sure all my security is up to date and running like it should be.  I make sure to check and clean my computer regularly and even more so  after I’ve clicked on any ads.

    Ads are everywhere, legitimate ones (though very few) and those that aren’t.  Just a part of daily life.  Just like those irritating infomercials…..most are scams.  Like many people I just ignore and block most ads by various means and protect myself the best I can.  If I happen to see something outside of the special sites that holds any interest I do a search and find it.

  • annie

    “The other day I was reading my e-mails (in Gmail) and noticed that there were Google Ads placed at the right.”
    Like you, I rarely notice ads at all, in print media or online.  I do however use Firefox with adblock plus, flashblock, ghostery and betteprivacy to keep the more intrusive ads at bay.

  • karen

    Those ads have been in gmail forever.  When gmail first started there was a big outcry about it because people thought google would be reading their email.  Of course, they are, but it’s just a machine reading for keywords to use in the ads.

  • karen

    Those ads have been in gmail forever.  When gmail first started there was a big outcry about it because people thought google would be reading their email.  Of course, they are, but it’s just a machine reading for keywords to use in the ads.

  • Jim Carter

    I use Firefox with the Adblock Plus add-on. Unfortunately; there are a handful of sites that don’t display all content properly unless Adblock Plus is disabled. Even in those cases I would never click on an ad. After having worked in broadcasting for 10 years and in the IT field for 15 years, I know that media outlets never investigate their advertisers AND that these ads often lead to infectious sites.

  • Jeffinprov

    Thank heavens for Adblock and its relatives.   It’s all too easy to forget how omnipresent and annoying online advertising used to be.  Now if there were just a way to block the NY Times from sliding in those obnoxious prompts for other articles that began working my one good nerve not very long ago.

  • Clodmore

    I can’t remember clicking on any ads, but I probably have at some point in my life.  Between Adblock Plus and HostsMan, I don’t see too many ads.

  • JonE

    Advertisements?  What advertisements?  I don’t see any advertisements.
    I will rarely, on occasion, accidently click on an ad, but like Ashraf I just don’t pay attention to them, or most often I don’t even see them.

  • JohnD

    I never click on ads on web pages, usually I do not see them unless I am forced to use IE.    Hacked ads are a known vector for malware injection into a system.  But I do click on ads in emails all the time, like from Newegg, Costco, etc.    If I visit a site often with good results, like dotTech or Filehippo, I would rather be a donor than a clicker.

  • meldasue

    I don’t click on them unless they’re for a legitimate product from a legitimate seller (like an advertisement for a game or movie), and then only if it’s something that interests me.  That accounts for about 1% of internet advertising – the other 99% is for the acai berry scam.

    What I’m more likely to do is use an Amazon partner link from a site I visit a lot.

  • Nebulus

    I never click on ads. I block them in all ways that I can, and the ones that escape blocking have no chance of getting a click either.

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    I rarely see ads but never click them.

  • Jabtano

    I will yes if i’m on a site that i like to visit and I know that by clicking that add  helps pay for that site. however i do not click add links on every site just a very select few.

  • I sometimes click ads, notably the ones presented by Google in Gmail – I have a couple particular hobbies that are not ‘mainstream’ and am always on the lookout for relevant businesses.. Google knows my browsing habits and catches keywords in my mail(?) and presents me with ads that are (often) relevant or make me aware of a supplier that I may have missed.
    At least the ads in Gmail are unobtrusive and easily ignored (yes, they have been there forever iirc) so much as I dislike advertising generally I’m happy to accept (and even occasionally support) ads that are presented in a low-key way. I’m happy to say that the ads that I’ve seen here are are similarly tasteful, and sometimes get clicked ;-)

  • Kevin

    Like hallkon I will also check out some of the ads on pages I like to help the site pay their bills. I have also paid to upgrade some of the freebies offered on here because I like them so much.

  • It is very easy to find out all the ads that you clicked (if you have enabled Web History). Just go to and select “Sponsored Links” from the sidebar. The last time I clicked an ad deliberately (not counting when I clicked on empty area that turned out to be an ad, which I closed promptly) was in January 2009. Even in that case, I was actually looking for the website I searched for. Otherwise in the past 3 years, I have clicked on a (Google) web ad only thrice! None of them resulted in any purchase or subscription.

  • Pegi

    I never click on an ad even if it’s interesting.  If I see something interesting I will go to it from my own search of the product.  I use ad blocking software so hardly see ads anyway.  I use the internet for educational purposes for the most part.. feeding the brain/research on many varies topics.

  • Phoenix (not rising)

    I’m with CitizenEarth on this one.  I rarely click on ads.  If I see something interesting I’ll usually google it.

    Most ads hide the direct URL so you never know where you’ll wind up (same reason I rarely click on sponsored ads in Google searches since the true URL is generally obfuscated – the one it shows you may not be where you’ll end up, or be where you’ll end up first (before being redirected)).

    If ads do show the URL they’ll take me to I’m more likely to click on them than to google them, but it’s still rare that anything on the web catches my attention (you know, now that I have all my smiley icons, and avatars, and have checked the important e-mail messages that were waiting for me).

  • Sandeep

    I never click on any Advertisement. Not on any site. I don’t want Adware/Spyware.

  • chinaguy

    I almost never click on ads. And I do not know if I ever have because I wanted to buy the product. But I have clickedc on a few here at dottech to help Ashraf.

  • steve

    Needs an option for, “Only when it’s an accidental click.”

  • citizenearth

    When I see something interesting, I would rather type in Google search bar & go on from there. Who knows, the ad you click may bring you to unexpected places & open up can of worms.

  • Just so you all know, Google uses cookies that don’t expire until 2038.  I’m sure that Google Ads use those same cookies.

  • Bruce Fraser

    No, I don’t even click on the ads in the DotTech site.

    There might even occasionally be something worthwhile, but most of the time my eyes just automatically skip over the ads without stopping.

  • Kraal FictionWriter

    @haakon: Good for you.  =) I don’t have patience to click on meaningless ads and then close the new tab.  Even if it is to help the site.  Too much work for me.

    Edit: Completely off topic here. I just clicked the back to top button in the bottom corner of the page for the first time. It’s so much fun. :)

  • haakon

    I DO some times ……
    IF I think it might “help” the site I am on…
    like “dottech”
    I am sure (or hope) the advertisers count the “clicks” done from every site…so yes, I do  :-)

  • Emrys

    Bah. I use the net for information, not exploitation….

  • OldElmerFudd

    Since Firefox is my browser of choice, Adblock Plus keeps ads out of sight. I didn’t even know there are ads on these pages until I opened dotTech in IE8 one day!
    Seriously, my online purchasing habits are not affected by ads – that’s why I ignore them.

  • Kraal FictionWriter

    I will rarely click on an ad.  When I do click on an ad, it’s usually for an online game that looks like it might be interesting.
    Of course, some ads are blocked in my firefox anyway.