Free jv16 PowerTools 2009 v1.9.1.606!

Update: This offer seems to have ended. However, the freebie of jv16 PowerTools 2009 v1.9.0.590 is still available from – see for more details.

You already know about Tuneup Utilities, WinUtilities, Glary Utilities, WinOptimizer, and Advanced SystemCare. But do you know about jv16 PowerTools? You should, because jv16 PowerTools is a powerful, reliable, and feature filled system utility/optimizer similar the ones mentioned above. If you don’t already know about it, let me introduce the powerful toolset to you and explain how to get it for free!

As I already said, jv16 PowerTools is feature filled:

Main Tools

What is not mentioned in the list above is the fact that jv16 PowerTools has a backup/restore system which has you covered in case you delete something, like a registry entry, that you were not supposed to delete.

So are you interested yet? Well this is how to get jv16 PowerTools 2009 for free:

Version being given away for free: v1.9.1.606. This is the latest version.

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7

So how do I get it?

First, go to the Chip.DE promotion page.

Now, click on the button. Then click on the Download-Server CHIP Online button to download it. Wait for the countdown.  When the countdown is finished, a download will start. Save the file. When it’s done downloading, install the file jv16pt191_setup_hb.exe. This is the installer.

Now, drag the license.xbin file into the folder C:\Program Files\jv16 PowerTools 2009\ (or, for 64-bit users, C:\Program Files (x86)\jv16 PowerTools 2009\). If jv16 doesn’t automatically detect the license when you open it, go to Help->License Information. From there, click Autofind a new license. It’ll prompt you to use the license you just moved. Click OK to use the full registered version of the program!

If you have any problems acquiring the program, post below or at the thread in the forums.

Thanks pheonix_rising!

This post originally appeared at dotTech ( at 8:16PM Pacific time.

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  • @Saundra: Being a beta the 2010 version isn’t “safe”.  I will look for a link to the 2009 version!

  • Saundra

    Sounds like a great program, but this 2009 version does not seem to be available any longer, the only download link available takes you to the new 2010 beta version. Is there to anyones knowledge an existing link to the 2009 version, or is the new 2010 version a completely safe and free full version?

  • 3K3

    @tekknokat: Your story is sad. I can help you if you still want to have jv16 PowerTools . Contact me: 3krat3[at]gmail[dot]com

  • Suzannah

    The software installer is AMAZING.  it catches programs within programs that even revo doesnt catch.  It is the first thing I install on a brand new system, before even updates.  Then I take a snapshot of the programs installed, and the registry.  With each program I install I take another snapshot, and you wouldnt believe the other programs that come with it.  For the OCD advanced user, it really is something of a marvel.

  • Doru

    Question:Why isn’t here Adobe with a promotion for Adobe Acrobat Pro older version?.Adobe sell version 9,why don’t give version 8 for free?.I don’t thig that still sell version 8.

  • OldElmerFudd

    @LA-dude: I’m glad you got it to work for you at all. I’ve never experienced Av conflicts. The AV software I have on my machines is Eset NOD on four of them and Sunbelt VIPRE on the rest, fwiw.
    @tekknokat: I can’t honestly recommend Power Tools Lite (freeware), but even the free version of Glary is pretty decent, imho. (As long as you don’t mind the “ads”.)

  • Johnt

    @tekknokat: I know, it sucks when you miss an opportunity;  you can feel a bit robbed.  But if you’ve been looking for JV for so many years, then why not buy?  I know, I know, you missed the opportunity on this one.  But if JV/Glary are that important to you isn’t it worth forking out $30 (over 8 years, that’s about US$4 a year)?

  • John

    tekknokat I have not checked this out, but try this promotion that appears to be still current for jv16

  • tekknokat

    I am so mad, I cannot get a decent tuning utility.  This one and Glarys pro are the only ones I have read multiple passing reviews about, jv since I got my first home computer which was when I had to stay home with physical disability in Nov 2000, and I missed both of them.  This one ended yesterday, the site translated in Google Tranlated to English says it’s no longer available, 26 was the last day.  I am so disappointed.  My life sucks in a living twisted hell. 

    BTW, over at GOTD, they are reducing their downloads to 20 hours from 24 hours, so be forewarned.  Aston 2 yesterday came out at it’s usual time 3:00 AM Eastern Time, I was awake doing paperwork for the government and medicaid and their timer said 23 hours and 54 minutes, they took it down by sometime before 12:00 AM Eastern Time or 8:00 Pm Pacific Time 26th, I live in Rocky Mountain Time and the download was gone before 10:00 PM, where I can usually download until 1:00 AM Rocky Mountain Time, 12:00 AM Pacific, 2:00 AM Central, or 3:00 AM Eastern whether it be Daylight Savings or Standard Time, the adjustment is the same.  I am disappointed, when they posted todays giveaway I noticed several minutes after posting in the forum around 4:00 am Eastern Time or 2:00 am Mountain Time, that I became aware of it finally being posted, said 18 hours and some change was left, where usually it would have been 22+ hours.  I can understand they need time to change over, and they have more people downloading at morning than night, but a warning would have been in order. I am a poor communicator, other GOTD members posted in their forum noting the same discrepancy in a more brief, concise manner, the pain meds make me obsessive.  

    I wish I had known the expiration date of jv power tools, I have wanted this since 2002, when I first started having crowding issues on my old XP computer.  I didn’t know this had an expiration date, has giveaways all the time that run for several weeks and I figured somebody here would have said if it had a looming expiry date.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow, and things will definitely get worse for me. 

  • LA-dude

    @OldElmerFudd: Eureka, finally got it working!  jv16 conflicts  with my A-V real-time scanning engine , (reason unknown). I noticed on the task manager that every time I try to open up  the app. my A-V real-time scanning engine was consuming  100% of my CPU what lead to a system crash. Tried jv16 already and indeed is definitely a keeper.However  I need to disable my A-V every time I need to use the program, can’t find the option on my A-V  to move the jv16 to a white list or trusted items list. :-(( and it’s funny  because my Anti-virus one year license is about to expire

  • roi

    Take a look at this info from Macecraft website

  • Pirino

    @OldElmerFudd: okay, I agree, 608 is not for me.
    I made a comparison with Registry First Aid and Easy Cleaner, the results are similar to 590. Changing the 608 settings from safest to more aggressive does not make a big difference (other than 590), the result is still a huge amount of errors. In my opinion 608 is buggy.
    I am going to keep older 509 and wait next final release. 

  • Joji

    A few times this happened: My drive space slowly lessened every single day… I didn’t know why.  I didn’t want that to happen again so I didn’t download as much as before. Far less actually. Pretty much no more experimental downloads…

  • Shankar

    Need help in installing the -jv- without webcam.

  • OldElmerFudd

    @Joji: Admittedly, I’m biased, but I tried the Win Utilities offered here. I liked it, but I already had Powertools and preferred it over WU. You can certainly run both without problems, afaict. In my case, it was simply a preference – not a lack of drive space or anything else!

  • Joji

    @OldElmerFudd: Ya I know, but what I’m saying is that since I have Win Utilities already, do I need this one or not?


  • OldElmerFudd

    @Pierino: You might want to check the settings for the Registry cleaner on each version – sounds like 590 is set safer than 608 for cleaning. The betas have bugs – that’s why they’re betas – that might have prevented finding any errors with your computer’s configuration. While I encourage you to trust this software, if you’re not satisfied then it’s not for you.
    @meanpt: “How good” is somewhat relative. The software performs as promised and is one of the best utility suites available, imo. I encourage you to actually try it out, rather than ask others for “how good”.

  • meanpt

    Ashraf, the issue is not the functions an application like this may state or list as performing, but the performing quality. In other words, how good is it in doing everything it promises?

  • Clodmore

    Thanks for information and the link.   Installed fine on my XP-SP3 system.  I wonder if it’s worth installing on my Win 7-64 bit system.  I guess it doesn’t hurt to try. 


  • Joji

    Tell me… is this good or not? I have WinUtilities, do I need that?

  • Pierino

    I compared previous v1.9.0.590 (key ComputerBild) with v1.9.1.606 (key Chip Online) most secure scan, then with newest beta 6.
    Result: v1.9.0.590 founds 20 errors, v1.9.1.606 1280 errors (!), beta 6 zero errors. Any explanation for that? I no longer trust this software.

  • LA-dude

    @OldElmerFudd: Eureka, finally got it working!  jv16 conflicts  with my A-V real-time scanning engine , (reason unknown). I noticed on the task manager that every time I try to open up  the app. my A-V real-time scanning engine was consuming  100% of my CPU what lead to a system crash. Tried jv16 already and indeed is definitely a keeper.However  I need to disable my A-V every time I need to use the program, can’t find the option on my A-V  to move the jv16 to a white list or trusted items list. :-((
    Thanks Locutus

  • Thanks, downloading now.

  • Jim

    Sadly several of the features just give you a message saying they don’t work in Windows 7. Maybe the next version will have support for it.
    I remember when this was freeware, I would have paid for it if the developer hadn’t pulled a scummy trick like not saying he’d gone shareware. You just installed the update and suddenly you had a trial version. Very not cool.   But I’ll gladly try it again for free

  • OldElmerFudd

    @LA-dude: Glad you’re at least to where you were. Powertools is a terrific utility, and the developer is very good at what he does. I hope it works out for you.

  • LA-dude

    @ OldElmerFudd: Luckily I created a System Restore point before installing   jv16. Restored my PC  and now everything works fine the way should be. It’s kinda weird  ’cause never had this trouble before.I’ll try with the installer from the developer’s site , hoping to have better luck because this app. sounds like a keeper.OK   thanks

  • OldElmerFudd

    @LA-dude: This sounds like a serious software conflict. Try booting into Safe mode and using Revo Uninstaller to remove Powertools. If you don’t use Revo, just uninstall with jv’s uninstaller. Reboot and see if you still have the problem. You might also try a reinstall of Powertools after that. Copy and paste the .xbin license file into the program folder after installation.
    Have you had problems with system stability? Post back with the results – there’s probably a solution if this doesn’t clear it up.

  • michael

    thanks.  will try this out.  installed properly on win 7-64

  • Fred

    Nice. You maybe didn´t see the other two giveaways from chip this weekend – KeyLemon and Alcohol 120% v5.
    By the way. jv16 power tools license is also valid for the new version that will be out very soon. You can already download and use a beta version on the chip promo page. License file is only included in the version mentioned above.
    Mentioned link for KeyLemon didn´t work for me. There´s no discount shown on the regpage.
    KeyLemon – Face recognition software – Chip Promotion
    Try changing the last letter to get a working link. I changed ?id=bsl to ?id=bse an voilá now it worked.
    But this giveaway will only be open for 1 hour and 15 minutes from now on.

  • LA-dude

    Downloaded and installed per instructions. Unfortunately jv16 won’t start-up when clicking on the icon,  but it shows the process on Windows task manager, besides jv16  has messed up with my pc even though program is not running. Since I installed jv16 this morning windows explorer is crashing up time after time. Has anybody else had the same problem?

  • Josh

    This is a fat, juicy plum!
    I was still using the last freeware version and this offer is the best thing that happened to me today.
    Now .. if only I can figure out all those CLSID entries …
    Anyway, this app is so way above average that nothing will stop me from installing it right now.
    A BIG thank you to the publishers, dottech, locutus and  phoenix_rising for alerting us to it!

  • OldElmerFudd

    @Bob: Echoing some of DonB’s thoughts, I’d at least hang on to Revo. The PowerTools uninstaller will show you more programs than Add/Remove or Revo, but some of those are “helper(?)” programs included with those you know about. Be careful about uninstalling anything with checking its’ path/location and see if anything depends on it. CrapCleaner is fast and easy; I don’t mind running it side-by-side with PT.
    Perfect Utilities – are you referring to the old freeware version of WinUtilties? You can’t find the freeware on the old page anymore, so try
    @blue: Erunt is a terrific tool, imo. I use it on every machine I regularly maintain and enable the autobackup feature on machines off site.

  • PapyLuc

    @blue: BRAVO (+++).

  • blue

    Note that the reg cleaner allows you to select its aggressiveness.  FWIW, I’ve had bad luck with this when choosing the more aggressive options. Make sure you have a backup if you choose them.
    One good choice for a registry backup, by the way, is ERUNT which is free, quick, convenient, and can be flexibly scheduled. It has saved me more times than I’d like to think about.

  • Doru

    License is with your download.

  • Mike

    At this point, I feel somewhat inundated by utility toolbox software.  Perhaps not possible or realistic, but a comparison of the utility programs would be helpful.  I don’t recall if one had been posted here at dotTech previously.

  • donB

    @Bob: Personally, i believe you can, however, I keep this type of software and run them on a rotating basis, you may be surprised what program will find to another program running the same tasks. Hope this helps

  • donB

    tried everything I could think of, cannot locate
    license.xbin ??  help I have tried jv before, I personally like it,.

  • Bob

    As I am not as computer-wise as most who post here – by installing this program will I be able to delete ccleaner, perfect utilities, revo uninstaller and multistage recovery from my laptop since this software does all that these other programs do?

  • handsome

    I too have found that moving the license.xbin file to program folder and useing file  jv16PT.exe to open it gave reg for up to 5 personal computers. Before i did that it showed 30 day trial. hope this helps.

  • Bruce Fraser

    Point 1) In case you miss this freebie, or don’t want to tangle with translation, Macecraft offer a FREE Lite version of their software. It has the same core engine for cleaning the registry; it omits most of the other stuff.

    Point 2) Fred Langa is, in my opinion, the best tech writer anywhere. For years he sent out the “Langa List newsletter,” but now is senior editor with
    Anyway, Fred once did a review of several registry cleaners, exposing the fakery among many of them, but gave highest praise to jv16 PowerTools. He still gives jv16 the top recommendation.
    1) The original review:
    2) Fred’s current recommendation: sorry, his portion of is for subscribers only. But jv16 is still the ONLY pay-for registry cleaner he recommends.

  • david roper

    I may have let my enthusiasm exceed my memory when I exclaimed 1980’s.  I “started in PC’s” in 1986 and it feels like I had this on a 5 1/4 inch Floppy disk all the time for testing.
    Mace utils cost $100 and I could not afford that.  jV16 was as good I thought.
    Anywayyy– it has been around a long time and I was very sad when it wasn’t Freeware anymore.  Glad to see it here offered for free again.

  • david roper

    Ahhh.  Finally I can help.  JV16 used to be the “goto” utilities program as Freeware.  Then it went shareware and finally “purchase” ware.  So I quit using it.  Missed it for many years.
    I am glad we all can use it for free again.  It’s good, or at least in the 1980’s and 1990’s it WAS the best utility around

  • Greg Bern

    I had hard time reg lic. finally got to take when moved to desktop ,waited few minutes then it was found automatically when clicked find new lic in lic info tab in help. seems need to be smoother install of lic. 
    anyway thanks for prog. had long ago. you can lower reg clean settings to be less agressive.

  • PapyLuc

    Installation and registration perfect on WindowsXP. In french, the choice of language. Thank you. I used for this translation from French to English :
    From BELGIUM (Liège, Luik, Luttich).

  • Doru
    Here is the link for promotion and download.

  • Harry

    Gave me a scare just now! Did registry clean/compact (although system had 99% score already). On reboot got “invalid system disc” error for several starts  – before returning to normal!
    However the system definitely seems more responsive now as a result so all is well – and worth (fortunately) the temporary anxiety!
    Any thoughts on what might be going on here? Anyone else had similar issue?

  • Doru

    Hurry ,go to techno 360 in,is a new promotion from Chip at KeyLemon soft for face recognition when you open computer.Is something like a password with your face.

  • @amnesia: Good to know. ;-)

  • amnesia

    @Locutus: yup all the licenses are the same.

  • @OldElmerFudd: Ahh. Well report back-are the codes inside the files all the same?

  • OldElmerFudd

    @Locutus: Not a bad idea. I’m maxed out on my commercial license. VIP is an limited personal license for my primary machine.

  • @OldElmerFudd: You may want to grab a few licenses then, so that when you need to install it on an offsite machine you don’t have to pay (or does the VIP version come with install-on-every-c0mputer capabilities?)

  • OldElmerFudd

    @Alec: I’m a beta tester for the 2010 version; it shouldn’t be too much longer until the release, with any luck.
    I first encountered around 1999-2000 when it was freeware. Iirc, Journi and his wife formed Macecraft about six years ago and took jv16 commercial. I bought my first Powertools in 2005, and keep upgrading with each release. (I’ve never been sorry – the commercial product is streets ahead of the freeware) In 2009, I decided to go for lifetime free upgrades and took advantage of an offer for Platinum VIP that took care of that.
    For me, this one of those “must have” softwares that go on all the machines I maintain here and off-site. Highly recommended.

  • AlanR

    Beware, the download on seems to be for a 60-day demo only and that it costs $30 to buy thereafter.

    Original posting by P-R can be found at
    follow that thread for useful related information.

    As for this giveaway, anyone noticed the next major version is just around the corner?

    jv16 PowerTools 2010  v2.0 Beta 6 is now available at

    You can follow the developers’ Blog at
    for changes ongoing.

  • @Alec: The “OS supported” list above is copied from the dev’s site. So, it doesn’t require modding.

  • Alec

    Just checked the macecraft website and it appears that a jv16-2010 version has been in development for since last year and is delayed.  Also saw a comment that any previous purchaser will be entitled to upgrade when its available. Not sure whether getting it through this offer qualifies or not?
    Also not sure whether there are mods required for Win-7 support. If so they aren’t mentioned on the expected changes page.
    FWIW: I’ve still got the last free version and this one looks very good. (Assuming it doesn’t trash my registry :-D )

  • OutEarth

    For those who haven’t heard of  JV16 . . . this is a program which can be trusted. It has been around for years and has been continually upgraded and supported. The program has received numerous awards (real ones) over the years and I have used the program as far back as 2005 and each utility is one of the best in its respective category. A word of caution . . . the registry clean-up section is quite powerful and those who do not know what they are doing may destabilize their system by getting rid of something that  they shouldn’t have. Fortunately, JV16 has a great recovery system to restore files that have been deleted by mistake. So if you need it . . . go discover this great program. You won’t regret it. Hope this in some small way, helps. Thnx!

  • @etim: I hadn’t either. However, Ashraf really likes this program (see the last freebie they had… I did a lot of glancing at that while writing this.)

  • etim

    The enthusiasm is a bit scary. Can’t say I’ve heard of this pgm before.

  • @Gvape: I don’t know-I would’ve tried updating, buuuutttt…. it’s the latest version.

  • Gvape

    Do you know if we get updates with this version? Doesn’t make a difference to me though, I’m definitely gonna grab this one. Thanks!