New iOS Maps includes real-time traffic info, 3D views, and Siri integration

Apple replaces Google Maps in iOS 6As Justin reported earlier today, in a move that is expected to bring more tension to the strings between the two smartphone giants, Apple replaced Google Maps for it’s own solution in it’s latest operating system, iOS 6. The latest iteration of iOS, iOS 6 was released amidst the first day specials of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) being held at Moscone Center West in San Francisco, from June 11 to 15, 2012.

As Apple says in it’s updated Store, Apple Maps (officially named just ‘Maps’ as of now), brings in a number of features that might look appealing to any type of user. According to the iOS 6 Preview details, Maps will provide many useful features like:

  • Real-time traffic information, which would help it’s user to make calculations on their ETA; and provide you with alternate routes when required.
  • Flyover, another interesting feature which enables interactive 3D views is one of the main highlights.
  • Siri, one of the most famous voice-controlled assistants has got better.

Though Flyover might look to be a fresh feature, Google had already acted intelligent by announcing an excitingly impressive 3D maps for Android, though it didn’t mention when Android users would be getting hold of the feature.

Though Apple has got rid of Google Maps, it is reportedly said that Apple will be using third-party transit app integration (probably meaning that the Maps will not feature transit options).

With some ardent Apple fans naming it to be a change for the good, kicking out the ‘comparatively featureless’  Google Maps from iOS 6; and with the Android lovers saying, pointing out the newly announced 3D maps for Android, “Who cares?”, what is your take on the move?

[via BBC News]

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  1. Godwin

    Apple doesn’t want Google to collect user data. But, Google just can’t let go the Apple users. So most probably, Google will be building Google Maps for App Store
    The real question now is whether Apple would approve the app. ;)

  2. Elana

    The mass transit feature on google maps is great. It will be a huge loss to not have that feature on
    The new product Google’s feature is easier and more accurate than the app for the mass transit in my city. I am going to miss it.

  3. Mike

    @JT: Agreed that the genius bar can be a great service. And I actually, coincidentally, telephoned Apple for assistance on a specific, esoteric issue yesterday and actually got through to a knowledgeable person! And the way that America, people and companies work, competition can be a good thing.

    Maps will be an interesting chapter, and Google has a huge headstart. In addition to public transport, Google maps will work for walking and biking, as well as at public spaces such as airports. Of course, Apple has gazillions of Apple bucks to throw into the project.

  4. JT

    @Mike: I do have apple products, but am by no means an Apple brainwashed fanatic. I was simply speaking from the demo that was shown in the embedded video that it looks much better than the Google maps that is on my phone now. Like Godwin said we will have to see how the two compare when it gets released to the public. One thing I do like about Apple is the customer service at their store. There is a wait, but they’re not afraid to swap out an item with a new one even on an intermittent problem that they can’t verify in the store. I’ve had droid problems in the past, and dealing with the cellular provider to get things resolved is a nightmare almost every time. I like the competition though, Google keeps Apple on their toes, and vice versa. We all benefit from the competition either way, and I look forward to what is yet to come. =)

  5. Mike

    @JT: With all due respect, your first comment above seems like an Apple fanboi knee-jerk response. Every commentary in the established media that I have seen on this topic says that Apple has a far way to go, to be fully competitive, apart from its built-in user base.

  6. Godwin

    Another interesting thing to notice is that most cities record their transportation info in the GTFS (Google Transit Data Feed). The data is free for any kind of use, and many applications rely on it. Apple could have just used that. This shows fierce intention of Apple to get completely detached from anything Google has a part in.

  7. Godwin

    Apple Maps doesn’t have public transportation system, just to point out a noticeable deficit.
    Also, we would have to wait till both are accessible to the public. A proper review of the differences between the two can made only after they have been tested by users.

  8. JT

    Even though Google now has 3D maps, I see no comparison between the two. Apple Maps clearly surpasses anything Google maps had going on. The traffic, and turn by turn directions all the while showing the 3D maps is really a nice and long needed stock feature.