Italy forces Apple to either provide free 2 year warranty or risk closure of operations

It is customary for companies to provide consumers with free one year warranties on electronic gadgets. Italian law dictates companies must provide consumers with free two year warranties on products. Apple seems to not want to comply with Italian law. Apple has previously been fined by the Italian AGCM competition and market authority when the company was found to not provide its Italian consumers information regarding their right to free two years service. That fine amounted to 900,000 euros.

As part of that fine, Apple was given a few months to comply with Italian law regarding warranties. Months have passed and Apple has not budged. As such, Italy is aiming for Apple again.

As already mentioned, Apple usually offers one year guarantee for their products, which can be extended to two years upon the payment of a fee (i.e. Apple Care). The AGCM has found Apple is continually misleading consumers into buying the extended service scheme when they were entitled to free two year warranties. According to the AGCM, Apple is still following these ‘unfair’ commercial practices in Italy, even after being warned – and fined – about the issue. AGCM states that Apple should be providing its Italian consumers with free service for 2 years as it is obliged to do so under Italian law.

Because of Apple’s continual lack of compliance, Apple has again been warned by the authorities to correct its position within 30 days. If Apple again fails to fix its policies, it shall be fined another 300,000 euros and face temporary 30-day closure in the country (i.e. Apple won’t be able to sell products in Italy for 30 days). I’m sure Apple wouldn’t want to risk that, now would they; because as we all know, when the cat is gone the mice will play. Let us wait and see what happens.

[via Reuters]

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