Apple App Store gets first malware app, a trojan that spams

Thanks to Google’s lax app submission policies, malware in Play Store (previously known as Android Market) is nothing new. Malware in Apple App Store, however, is a first — literally. There have been incidents of malware on iOS in the past but all those attacks were aimed at people who jailbroke their devices; in other words, people who broke out of Apple’s walled garden. Never before has there been a reported incident of malware in Apple App Store, primarily due to Apple’s oversight policies. This has now changed.

Recently a Russian app by the name of Find and Call was approved by Apple to appear in the App Store. As it turns out, Find and Call is just a cover for a trojan that swipes your contacts and spams the crap out of your friends. Thankfully, Apple quickly pulled the app for “violating App Store policies” but the damage was already been done (although we hope not too much damage).

Before Fandroids scream out in delight, it should be mentioned the same app also appeared in Google Play Store although it seems to have been pulled from there also. Moral of the story? Don’t download fishy apps, regardless of which Store you are browsing.

[via Engadget]

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