All iOS 6 users will get new ‘’ e-mail addresses

Yesterday, July 16th, Apple released a lot of key features that will come with their iOS 6 Beta 3, and one unique feature is that iCloud users will be receiving new email addresses. At the end of this year iOS 6 will hit the stores, and all users will start seeing “” in their account settings instead of “”

This is the second change Apple users have seen in the last four years with the first one being the MobileMe service suite. However, Apple stopped all MobileMe services on June the 30th to allow for easier syncing between devices and iCloud service. The transition of dropping the MobileMe services and sticking with iCloud has not yet been put into place, but it is going to take effect later this year. Take note users will keep their “” addresses even though they will be getting new “” e-mails.

After iOS 6 comes out, all customers that sign up for a new account ID will see their email change to, and customers who are setting up their mail for the first time on iCloud will receive the changes. If the iCloud user has, then when iOS 6 comes they will have their address changed. The new iCloud username will match the old MobileMe one so that the e-mail address does not change except for the “” part, which makes it easier for people to cope with the changes.

[via Apple Insider]


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