Get better Google search results after taking Google’s free Power Searching online course

Want to learn how to better utilize Google Search? How to get more relevant search results? How to spend less time finding what you want on Google? There is an app for that a free online class which will teach you how to do all that and more.

Courtesy of Google (…who did you expect it to be from? Tiger Woods?), Power Searching with Google is a free online course that teaches users tricks on how to use “powerful advanced tools” to use Google in the best, most efficient ways possible. The course consists of five classes (“Introduction”, “Interpreting results”, “Advanced results”, “Find facts faster”, “Checking your facts”, and “Putting it all together”) that teach you the tricks for using Google via lessons (which are in video format with the option to view text format instead) and activities. There are also two bonus videos that show “Search Experts” in action.

Each class is roughly 50 minutes long so to finish all six classes you need to find five hours out of your busy schedule. The good thing is, since the classes are online, you can take the whole course in one sitting or pace yourself. Picking up where you left off, if you decide to not do it all at once, is as easy as clicking a few links and going straight to the class or lesson you left off at.

While this course isn’t guaranteed to make you a Google ninja, it will surely help you find higher quality pron improving your Googling skills… if you retain the information. You can get started from the link below.

Power Searching with Google homepage

[via Lifehacker | Image via Bramus]

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  • Jazz

    Bloody hell! Now you have to jump through hoops to get the information. Google has once again proven their status as a bully.

    We don’t always have the time to sit in front of a computer for hours at ungodly hours and at short notice to conform to their thirst for power.

  • Jazz

    Thank you, mr Ashraf. I am now enlightened.

    Strange that Google should close free access at such short notice, though.

  • Ashraf

    @Jazz: Yes, because Google has changed it. When I posted about this, you didn’t need to register or schedule classes.

  • Jazz

    Oops, the comments I referred to, were on Gizmo’s site and not here. My apologies.

    Still, it was stated that Google had made the courses available as downloads at any time, so that one could read them offline in your own time. The link given here takes you to a site where you have to register and it also lists dates and times on which classes are avalable.

  • Ashraf

    @Jazz: It looks like Google has changed their page requiring you to register. And the courses now seem to be dated. None of this was there before, you didn’t need to register or take courses by date.
    You snooze, you lose. :-P
    And are you referring to the comments on

  • Jazz

    Am I loosing my mind?

    I seem to recall that there was a link here that enabled me to go straight to the Google content page where I could download all the courses in PDF form. I followed that link and started downloading some of the PDFs, but had to postpone downloading all of them when other duties called on me.

    When I click on your link now, it takes me to a Google page where I have to register and the courses all have dates on which they will be available.

    There were also some comments made on that previous dottech page, but I don’t see those comments here. Could someone please enlighten me?

  • Rob (Down Under)

    “What we have here is a failure to communicate (contribute)”

    Cool hand Luke and I have a lot in common.
    I don’t like authority.
    It is lucky for the Australian army, that they cancelled conscription during the year when I turned 17, as I would have not taken crap.
    Sorry I digressed, whilst reflecting on my quote above.

    What say we set up a contribution page, where we lazy swines, pledge a donation. When the total gets unbearably enticing, someone will ‘volunteer’
    Who knows, if the amount gets high enough, my Scottish genes may override, my laziness

  • Ashraf

    @Zapped Sparky: Yeah, that is a great tip. So great I wrote an article on it. ;-)
    @RobCr: Are you volunteering?
    @Eric: Sounds like you need Watson.
    @jevvv: I don’t have so many issues with Google o_O Then again maybe I only do shallow searches.

  • @RobCr: “How can I block every flippin hit, that does not contain an exact word or quoted string that I have insisted be present.”

    This is exactly what I want to know about using Google these days :(

    I know they changed the recipe, and they changed it ages ago, but THE one thing I miss on Google is getting results for the actual search I made – use the blasted words I want to find bleep bleeep bleeeeep you Google!!!!!


    Anyone else care to contribute? :)

  • Eric

    I would be interested in finding out how to search for “Mario Bros.” without getting 500 trillion results for “Super Mario Bros.” while also including results for sites that also mention Super Mario Bros as in we are talking about Mario Bros and not the later game Super Mario Bros.

    Searches like this are difficult and all my attempts have failed. My latest search was “Mario Bros and I flippin mean Mario Bros and not the flippin sequel Super Mario Bros. I swear if I even get one result for Super Mario Bros I will hunt down and destroy Mr. Google and his entire family. Do you flippin understand me?”

    Of course that search was immediately followed by “What is the address of Mr. Google?”

    And Siri on Iphone isn’t any better. All she ever says anymore is “Please don’t kill me.”

    Yes I am joking, I would never threaten Siri. HaHa.

  • RobCr

    What we need here is a volunteer.
    The said volunteer will do the course, and post an article in DotTech with a summary of important titbits.
    The said volunteer (and other members) could answer questions on that DotTech page.

    If there is no volunteer, we could chip in some money to his paypal account, to make it worth his while.

    After the above happens, I would ask a question like –
    How can I block every flippin hit, that does not contain an exact word or quoted string that I have insisted be present.

  • Zapped Sparky

    I’ve found the “do not show results from website” list to be quite useful. Sick of seeing the same useless website showing several times on your first page of results (seemingly) every time you do a search? Pop it on the list and never see it again. Fantastic, best thing since microwavable pizza :)