Chrome now more popular than Firefox, Internet Explorer continues to decline

A few months ago in one of my classes a Chrome fanboy proclaimed how “popular” Chrome is and how “everyone must be using it”. At the time a friend and I scoffed at him, partly due to his fanboyism and partly due to the fact we knew Chrome wasn’t as popular as he claimed. Turns out the joke may be on us. According to StatCounter, a web analytics company, Google Chrome (25.69%) is now the second most popular Internet browser worldwide, recently surpassing Firefox (25.23%). Internet Explorer is still #1 but its market share is now 40.63% — a shadow of its dominating 70%+ a few years back.

It is important to note the above-stated statistics are a worldwide aggregate and are only from one source. In other words, actual usage may differ from country to country and region to region; and other analytics sources may show slightly different numbers. However, the general trends shown above – Chrome up and Firefox/IE down – will most likely be consistent across countries, regions, and sources.

Who would of thought just a few years after launch Chrome would rise to number 2? There’s the tech world for ya’. Feel free to reflect in the comments below.

Hit up the link below if you are interested in viewing the usage stats on your specific country or of a different time period.


[via Engadget]

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  • Hi, this weekend is pleasant in support of me, as this time i
    am reading this great educational post here at my house.

  • Will

    A lot of Firefox users run add-ons like AdBlock Plus and NoScript which could very well prevent them from being counted (not a true account of Firefox’s market share).

  • Erwinus

    Just a little note. I remember the time that Ballmer was yelling on stage: Developers, developers, developers……. When developers start to leave IE behind because it still not support the new tech, it makes sense. Developers inform their customers about other opportunities, it make sense. Decline for sure and stimulate MS to do something about it but when that happen it far too late for MS.

    The problem with microsoft is QUALITY, they must improve the MS-BRAIN with NON-MS technology and get out of the eighties. They must listen to the market, they must listen to designers and developers so that they don’t have to use hacks to make something beautiful.

    I am developing a new technology site and most of the stuff don’t work with IE. I’m sick and tired of the hacks that is needed to get it to work with IE because it is not needed with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera (Opera, for sure a better browser than IE but with the lowest market share, don’t get it). Maybe you think it is not a smart idea to leave IE support behind, somebody has to do it, every developer MUST do it, i don’t really give a shit, you need a good browser to see the beautiful stuff.

    When IE market share comes below 40% is done with this creapy browser. Don’t wait for Microsoft to fix that. The arrogance, the costs, we don’t need it!

  • newJason

    I must admit I used Maxthlon for years because I could write my own plug-ins as easy as writing driving directions. I started using Chrome because Max and IE were SOO slow with a lot of tabs open. Well, at first a lot about chrome was faster, and a lot was not. However, much to my surprise, The developers actually read the Help forums and All the Issues I had complained about are now totaly resolved.
    Now I can say Chrome is Way faster for WEB2.0 and HTML5
    I have no add-ons installed and Do primarily multi media surfing.
    I love how Chrome auto-translates Eng Rus with such transparency.
    I predict that Chrome will develop flaws as time goes on.
    I will also say that I had a hard time at first adjusting to the interface. It is totally backward from what I am used to.
    But, the problem was that there was too much crap On IE’s interface.
    I mean Toolbars seem like a good idea, right? right?
    Now I can see how they just clutter your frame and force you to go back and fourth to the bar and back…
    I think Not having toolbars makes life so much eaiser.
    Every command in chrome is 1 click and or a drag.
    I can see how the power users may say , well i need to get stuff done..
    And you can add on all the bells and whistles too, but The simplistic design, well
    it’s genius really.
    I never ever thought I would say that out loud, epecially about google.
    But for now, I am staying with Chrome.
    Once you use it for a week, you will see the vast difference.
    Better for some, not for others.
    Chrome suits my needs for now.

    Have an open mind and Honestly try it.

    oh do I sound like a fanboy now?, arggg oh well

  • Torymon

    I’ve tried them all but my preferred browser is Comodo Dragon!

  • Mpad

    @Mpad:I mean top left (I have that right/left problem). It is the menu bar I have used for 20+ years so why change now? I do not think it is well integrated into the browser page but that could be fixed.

  • Mpad

    @Ashraf: The menu bar is the File Edit View etc at the top right of the window.

  • giovanni

    Hey Ashraf!!

    It’s Giovanni…remember me??

    Yes…Google Chrome looks like a great browser…and seems to be much quicker than Firefox to load webpages even though it’s also true that it doesn’t have the same number of extensions at the moment…

    But how about this?

    Are you not scared of the massive info GOOGLE know about us without anyone knowing??

  • meldasue

    The bars are taking an average over an entire year. Change the date to Nov 2011 to Dec 2011 (the past month, the first in which Chrome showed more users), and the bars will show Chrome slightly ahead.

  • Anonjgofj’ghikrhk

    Try switching the stat counter website to bar mode and it tells a different story.

  • M.T.

    @Ashraf: I guess a little of both. Google Chrome just does not have enough umph for me. The browser is fast but I need more. I have used it to compare with Firefox and I will stay with Firefox for now.

  • Falco

    Nothing wrong with Opera. Can’t understand why more people are not using it! I experiment with Chrome with apps & Extensions but never use it. When I get Chrome to my liking I make the changes to SRWare Iron and use It. When the going gets tough though I pull out the big gun – Firefox! For shortcuts to links HTMtied is second to none. It’s tiny (28.5 Kb), portable & simple! Simply copy the URL,Activate HTMtied [DA DA], then paste to desktop or any folder. The shortcut will always open your default browser. .

  • Tony

    Thank you for your advice about shortcut on desktop for Firefox, this board is just great esp. wildcat, bbareis and Ashraf
    I am with IE forever…but recently tried out Chrome and Firefox, I do like Firefox 8, it’s more stable and speedy
    on my aging computer, just miss the right click shortcut creation…will try out your advice Wildcat.
    Thank you again.
    periodically switch to Chrome to play Angry bird!

  • radek

    @Justachump: I agree. I can’t count how many times I had to uncheck the option ‘Install Chrome’ in every whatever freeware something…….

  • wdhpr

    chrome is overrated in my view

  • I have used Opera too. It is a nice browser but it lacks most the extensions I use. Also, though it has FTP and BitTorrent included I find the use in Opera to limiting compared to full client software. The email program is ok though I do mostly web mail these days except at work. If Xmarks had a full version for Opera I would consider making the switch full time. However there is only a cut back Xmarks extension that does not support syncing but only viewing. At least Google Chrome has most of the extensions I use. My biggest problem with it is I can’t seem to configure it the way I want even with extensions.

  • Ashraf

    @WildCat: That Deskcut add-on is very interesting. Good tip!

    @M.T.: By that do you mean it is dominating like AOL dominated in the 56k days or something less appreciative? :-P

  • M.T.

    Google Chrome=Aol at this point in its development.

  • Ashraf

    @WildCat: Yep, I read about that on Engadget. And Apple has confirmed it on iOS devices but they say “most” devices no longer support it in iOS 5 and they will remove it completely in further versions. From another post I read it looks like on the iPhone on iOS 5 Carrier IQ only works if you enable sending stats to Apple.

    Hopefully I can get up an article on Carrier IQ by the end of the weekend, depending on how many other things I have to do.

    @Tony: I don’t know if this is what you are looking for but dragging the icon next to a website URL in Firefox and placing it on your desktop creates a shortcut to it.

    @leland: I am with you. Even though I have had my fair share of issues with Firefox since FF3, I find FF to be a better fit for me than Chrome, especially now since I got FF8 to work (!).

    @Philippe: I’m actually finding myself using Opera more and Opera. It is a very smooth browser; I am surprised it has such low market share, probably due to the lackluster add-on support. Plus, as you mention, with its low market share it is less likely to be targeted by browser exploits. The downside, however, is Opera doesn’t generate all websites properly.

    I actually found it annoying when FF copied Opera’s look. Keeps confusing me when I switch between browsers, lmao.

    @dbareis: That.

    @Mpad: Menu bar? I’m confused.

  • Mpad

    I am a big fan of Opera as well. And, it has the menu bar!

  • dbareis


    @Tony Just drag the url icon to the desktop :-)

  • Philippe

    I will repeat myself: I like OPERA and this for various reasons:

    1) It’s not made in USA…so less NSA or other interferences.
    2) It bundles emails and other softwares, FTP, Voice, Torrent and other nice features.
    3) It’s fast
    4) Almost nobody uses it, so less risk of having some attacks on it.
    5) Opera claim is that the browser sticks with the directive of W3.

    I’m with Opera since version 2 or 3.

    Sea-monkey is going on this direction too, but less innovative that OPERA.

    But I have all the main browsers installed on my PC, I test some web-design on all of them. But the one I don’t like beside IE is Safari.

    For Chrome I use SRWare Iron. (Security and other)

  • WildCat

    @ Tony Mozilla’s help page:

    Drag site icon (which is the Address bar symbol on left) to desktop then rename shortcut to the website.

    Or can use Deskcut add-on:

    Deskcut add-on does work BUT it needs to be tweaked in the Option section after installation.
    DeskCut Options:
    A. Name Tab 1. Filename Options: Generate filename from page title
    B. Path Tab 1. Set path… Browse… Choose where to place the shortcut (generally the Desktop) [ In Win7, it’s “C:Documents and SettingsUsernameDesktop ]
    C. OK!

    Now it should work.

    Bit of a pain, as I feel Mozilla should already have Added a “Create Shortcut” right-click feature in Firefox long ago! ( I don’t know if it is in Firefox 8 or not? I’m still using Firefox 7.0.1 )

    Though maybe not as simple as IE’s right click create shortcut. Firefox also has the right click “Save Page As”. You can then rename the “page” and after saving it you can right click it and “Send to Desktop ( create shortcut )

    If there’s an easier way besides these options, I don’t know it.

    @leland Well said!

  • While Google Chrome is OK,it is not really for me. It is just to minimalistic. Firefox just works the way I work and has all the extensions I need which Chrome does not. I hate the way bookmarks work on Chrome though with Xmarks I can have it in sync with Firefox for those few excursions where I try it out to see if it has improved enough to use more. So far it is still on my list to only use occasionally. I doubt that will change anytime soon. So they can spout statistics all they want but my preference will not change based on things like this. I am a real person who uses my browser to get things done. Firefox helps me do that better than Chrome at least for now…

  • Tony

    Is there a right click “create shortcut” for a website to desktop from Chrome or Firefox like IE ?

  • WildCat

    I would have to say I agree with justachump. As that “computer guy” for my friends and family I’m literally AMAZED sometimes at the amount, and types of, ‘ware’ ( opencandy,bloat, spy, mal, cr@p, etc.) they have on their computers. The “average” PC user doesn’t pay attention to EULA’s or other such “trivial” things. They just install a “free”/new program, and then wonder how a new browser/program “magically appeared” on their PC. [ Of course this does NOT happen to users of dot Tech. ;) I tip my hat to Ashraf. His articles are ALWAYS very clear and concise. ]
    So even though StatsCounter shows the “active usage” of the type of browser in their stats, I would say that you could drop their Chrome usage stats by 7-10 percent. This percentage is just an educated guess on my part, based on my own past experiences with your “average” PC user.

    @Ashraf AT&T, Sprint confirm use of Carrier IQ software on handsets. Can read the article at-

  • Ashraf

    @Ashraf: Case in point: It has been confirmed no Verizon handsets have CarrierIQ —!/VZWjeffrey/statuses/142206836832075777. (They may be using something else, though. Maybe something more homegrown.) CarrierIQ is installed at the carrier level, not at the OS level.

  • Ashraf

    @Justachump: This is very true. However, the above statistics are of active usage; the data is derived from active websites that record which browser is used every time someone visits. So sure Google’s bundleware tactics may get Chrome installed on computers and obviously that increases its chance of being used. However, people are not forced to use Chrome after when its installed (assuming it wasn’t made the default browser).

    @Col. Panek: Google doesn’t put rootkits in Android. Carriers/manufacturers do that and its not just Android. Google can’t really stop anyone from installing CarrierIQ on devices without violating the open fundamentals Android has been built on, (aside from the Nexus line which Google is directly in control of the software with no interference from carriers or manufacturers)… I really need to write a post on CarrierIQ to clear up the air.

  • And Google puts rootkits in Android. Good thing they’re “not evil”. Right?

  • Justachump

    Just wanted to say part of the reason for this, is because Google Chrome is being bundled into almost every piece of software out there now. There are two pieces of software that are being bundled as extra addons now in loads ands loads of software:

    1) Ask Toolbar 2) Google Chrome

    If Opera or Firefox could afford to bundle their software into everything, I am sure they would do much better too. Oh and lets not forget the advertising boards and so forth….